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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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Do not lose the thread of your favorite series thanks to TV TIME (formerly TVShow Time). With a database of more than 50,000 series, this application allows you to access a very large number of datasheets updated daily, as well as to locate you in the chronology of the seasons and episodes, or To keep you up-to-date and up-to-date.
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With Slides, Google offers all Android mobile devices the ability to make slide shows in a mobility situation. Google Slides for Android can create new presentations or modify those already created online or on another device and also offers the possibility to share and modify them simultaneously with other collaborators. The user interface is simple and intuitive and allows you to add, reorder slides of a slide, or change the formatting of text and visual elements present. Finally, the application recognizes Microsoft PowerPoint files and will therefore be able to open and modify them.
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Whether you run a business, a theater company or run multiple projects at once, it's imperative to be well organized, which is why Trello exists for Android. Simple and effective, this application helps you to organize your daily work by listing with different dashboards what needs to be done today, who will do it, the projects in progress and what remains to come In the coming days. Each dashboard, of course, can contain text, images, files, links or even to-do lists. Trello also has a sharing feature to invite others to participate and interact on your charts. Finally, know that Trello also exists in the form of online service and application for iPhone.

Monday, May 22, 2017

1 - Definition of Smooth Manifold

2 - Charts

3 - Definition of an Atlas

4 - Examples


This cours is an extract from book : Differential Geometry by Will Merry
Lecture notes based on the Differential Geometry course lectured by Prof. P.M.H.
Wilson in Michaelmas term 2007 for Part III of the Cambridge Mathematical Tripos.

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Navmii GPS World is a free navigation and traffic application. Offering to download maps of all countries of Europe for free, Navmii GPS World can run offline to help you find your way.

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Improve the Wifi signal of your smartphone with Wifi Analyzer for Android. Indeed, this small application allows to transform your mobile into an extremely efficient wifi analyzer. Wifi Analyzer allows to detect and to know the power of the wifi networks available in order to choose the best channels. To do this, you have 4 different operating modes to visualize the signals: graphic mode, signal evolution as a function of time, notation of each access point and to finish the indication of the intensity of the signal. signal.
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Amateur and passionate solar system, Sky Map for Android is for you. Indeed, this application transforms your smartphone into a real planetarium. With Sky Map you will be able to easily identify stars, planets and constellations according to your geographical position.
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Take control of remote computers with the Classroom Spy app for Android. Thanks to this one you will be able at any time to visualize the screens of the different computers and to monitor the activity of all your pupils.
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Google Fit is the Android health app for Android. Google Fit uses the many smartphone sensors to collect data on your physical activity to provide you with statistics. Thus, you can know the walking distance made in the day, but also the number of steps you have made. Used alone, Google Fit is able to track down walking, running and cycling. But the app is not just limited to that, and also collects data from various connected objects such as health bracelets and other connected watches that track your activity more accurately. Google Fit is also compatible with all devices running Android Wear.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

1 - Product of Automata

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Adobe Photoshop Express offers amateur photographers a tool for correcting photos and images for Android devices. Suitable for touch screens, the application allows to correct the colors, to crop, to apply a rotation or to return the photographs. Like Instagram, Adobe Photoshop Express offers colorful filters to give a vintage or modern style to your images. Finally, there are tools for automatic correction, red-eye reduction or, for a fee, noise reduction.

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Did you always want to know the country of origin behind the label "manufactured by Samsung?" When the phone was manufactured? How often was the phone used? How many times was it connected to the charger? The status Void Knox Guarantee without entering the ODIN Download mode? ... Then this application is for you.

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Millions of users have made Ookla Speedtest the # 1 app to test the speed of internet connection, and industry professionals trust it every day!

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Everything you need to know about your device.
CPU-Z is a free application that gathers information on all the main features:
Processor, cores, speed, model, system, battery, ram, storage, camera, sensors, etc.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

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Undeleter Recover Files & Data is a data recovery application for Android. It allows you to scan and find erased files from the memory card and the internal memory of your smartphone. Undeleter Recover Files & Data is also capable of recovering files in various formats such as PDF, ZIP or MP3, for example if you want to recover a photo accidentally deleted from your mobile. The application has a file viewer that allows you to preview the recovered files before retrieving them.
Note, however, that Undeleter Recover Files & Data requires a rooted Android smartphone, and in the free version, only files with an image extension can be retrieved.
Scan and retrieve erased files from memory cards and internal storage on rooted devices *.

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GO Launcher, home, launcher or desktop dedicated to the Android system, changes your interface in-depth while providing better management and more intuitive navigation. Indeed, this fully customizable desktop provides faster, more harmonious viewing while supporting the creation of folders to categorize your applications. These folders and icons are completely customizable thanks to the plethora of themes proposed by the same publisher or by the developers of Google Play. Transitions brighten navigation to turn your screen into a Cube, Cylinder, TV screen, windmill and more. A multitude of shortcut menus and shortcuts are available to view your videos, photos, or desktop or app menu options faster. Finally, a multitude of Widgets allows you to dress up your desktop and to facilitate the management of your Smartphone thanks to the on-the-fly activation of the Wifi, the ringtone, the screenshots, the Bluetooth, the data operators and more.
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Enjoy a complete office suite for your smartphones and tablets with WPS Office for Android. Fully compatible with Microsoft Office, this office suite includes text software, spreadsheet software and PowerPoint presentation software. With WPS Office you will find, among other things, menus presented in bands with the possibility of being able to move from one document to another using tabs located at the top of your screen. Supporting dozens of file formats (doc, docx, ppt, xls ...), this office suite allows you to export all your documents and make office representations in PDF format. Finally, be aware that the WPS Office application is completely free and also available for iPhone / iPad.
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Here WeGo (Nokia Here Maps), Nokia's mapping software, makes its comeback on Android. A true Google Maps competitor, Here WeGo has the great advantage of allowing full downloading of maps around the world locally on your smartphone and can therefore operate without an Internet connection. Operating as a true GPS, Here WeGo allows you to create routes and display a step-by-step navigation.
HERE WeGo is a free application that allows you to easily find your way around the city. With its detailed itineraries, turn-by-turn guidance and useful information about each mode of travel, HERE WeGo is the essential tool for your journeys in the city.

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With TuneIn Radio on Android, discover a new way to listen to music through the radio. Look for a song, an artist and show the stations broadcasting it right now around the world. Add stations, songs and shows to your favorites. TuneIn on Android allows listening in the background to let you use other applications.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Google Earth invites you to travel with a 3D exploration of the world wherever you are.
Launch voice commands to find the city of your choice and discover nearby businesses, roads and borders, popular places and photos not to be missed.
Discover the big cities like San Francisco, Boston and Rome in 3D but also Paris or the historical buildings of Montpellier

PhotoScan is a Google Photos application that allows you to easily scan your paper photos using the camera on your smartphone.

PhotoScan does not just take a snapshot of your photos. The application scans your photos by improving them regardless of the media type. PhotoScan is capable of scanning without reflection using a step-by-step scanning guide. The app then automatically crops the captured image with an edge detection system.

With Locate my Google Play Device, geolocate your Android device to find it easily wherever it is and delete its data in case of theft.

Locating my device has the indispensable tool that was lacking its arc from its first Android devices, the Android Device Manager able to find the last location of your Androphone, ring it, lock it or even d Erase the data in case of permanent loss or theft.

Google announced during the keynote of the Google I / O 2017 the arrival of a new programming language for Android applications: Kotlin. A real revolution for developers!

Android is an operating system that will soon celebrate its 10 years. Its architecture involves different programming languages ​​and the layer closest to the user is naturally the applications. Until now, Google only supported the Java language to develop the famous applications you use on a daily basis. There are several versions of Java, the most recent of which is named Java 8 (Java 9 is planned for this summer).

About Google Slides for Android

With Slides, Google offers all Android mobile devices the ability to make slideshows in a mobility situation. Google Slides for Android can create new presentations or modify those already created online or on another device and also offers the possibility to share and modify them simultaneously with other collaborators. The user interface is simple and intuitive and allows you to add, reorder slides of a slide, or change the formatting of text and visual elements present. Finally, the application recognizes Microsoft PowerPoint files and will therefore be able to open and modify them.

Dropsend Direct is a desktop application designed to allow you to send large files up to 4 GB to your contacts.
Once Dropsend Direct is installed and launched on your machine, you get an intuitive interface composed of two unique buttons. By clicking on the upload button, you will be presented with a dialog box where you enter your e-mail address, the address of your recipient, the message of your choice and the files to be transferred.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

IObit Applock is an application designed to protect your privacy by locking all applications individually on your mobile devices using a locking scheme or a simple PIN code.

The security of your data is guaranteed by IObit Applock, which takes care of locking privacy settings, hiding the sensitive content of notifications, and allowing you to easily find the people available to access your smartphone data without Your consent By taking the picture and sending the photograph to you by e-mail.

IObit Applock is also able to generate a false page locking using a cover image hiding all applications locked. You can also set a lock time individually for each application installed on your device.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Android Auto is an application to display the content of your Android smartphone on the dashboard screen of your vehicle supporting the Google integration system.
Specifically, Android Auto lets you use your smartphone apps directly on your vehicle's dashboard: display a Google Maps, use and control music stored on your smartphone, use voice control Google or display the content of compatible applications.

Battle Bay is a mobile MOBA developed by Rovio, father studio of the famous saga of Angry Birds.

In Battle Bay, you take part in fights against other players online and in real time. On the model of a naval battle, you must sink the enemy fleet. To help you in your mission, arm your ship and get into the battle at five five tales.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Android declines the mobile version of its tool to fight against malware, worms, spams, rootkits and other Trojans. On mobile, this application tries to analyze and detect dangerous applications, malicious code, unauthorized access to personal data as well as exposures to vulnerabilities due to insufficient security. But this is not all because Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Android also offers Android device analysis at regular intervals, a summary of data access by topic and an audit of sensitive system parameters.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

PES 2017 is the mobile adaptation of the famous football game Pro Evolution Soccer. Take control of the team of your dreams and experience a unique experience thanks to the natural movements of your players, but also to the tactical passes.

Smashcast is a live broadcast of video game games and esport competitions running on a principle similar to that of Twitch and Youtube Gaming.
To enjoy the content offered by Smashcast, you can subscribe using your email address or your Facebook account. The navigation of the proposed video content is done simply thanks to the integrated search engine.

Protect your Android device from malicious applications and secure your personal data with Norton Mobile Security, a security solution for your smartphone.

Norton Mobile Security has a number of options to ensure the security of your device and your personal information, in conjunction with a web dashboard from which you control the settings applied to your smartphone or tablet. The program allows you to analyze the apps you download from Google Play and alert you to potential security or privacy issues.

Monday, May 15, 2017

0 - Introduction

Data can be entered directly or imported from different sources. This chapter discusses processes for reading data stored in IBM® SPSS® Statistics data files, spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel, database applications such as Microsoft Access, and text files.

1 - Basic structure of an IBM SPSS Statistics data file

IBM® SPSS® Statistics data files are organized by observations (rows) and variables (columns).

2 - Reading IBM SPSS Statistics Data Files

The IBM® SPSS® Statistics data files, with the .sav file extension, contain the data you have saved. To open demo.sav, a sample file installed with the product, follow these steps:

The Sims Mobile is the official mobile adaptation proposed by EA to allow you to plunge back into the universe of the famous simulation franchise life. The Sims Mobile is inspired directly from the game The Sims 4 on PC, especially the Legacy Challenge.

In The Sims Mobile, you are invited to create a personality unique to your Sims and their habitat. Build houses, have them interact with other Sims to establish new relationships that will allow you to unlock rewards.

With LINE on Android, send messages with animated images, phone, play, publish photos and much more. Make video calls, capture the moment in a few frames or movies, add a soundtrack and share it with your friends. Instead of taking time to send an e-mail or sms to your friends, use the e-mail feature of LINE to easily send messages with colorful icons, photos and even position information. With the Timeline feature, let your friends know about your activities, with text, photos, movies, stickers and even location info. Use hilarious and fun stickers featuring characters.

Keep up-to-date on weather and temperatures in real-time with AccuWeather, a comprehensive and international weather application.
Operational in more than 2.7 million regions around the world, AccuWeather delivers reliable weather forecasts that are constantly updated. Interactive, the application offers global alerts in case of snowfall, hail, rain, wind or even thunderstorms. If you're traveling to the United States, automatic notifications on your Android device warn you of the climatic disturbances that are on the horizon.
In terms of information delivered, AccuWeather keeps you informed of the moisture content, visibility, UV index, wind speed and direction, sunrise and sunset times. In addition, the application is responsible for superimposing global satellite images on interactive Google Maps so that you can follow the evolution of the weather in real time.

Looking for a tool to quickly share data between different devices? So Xender for Android is for you.
With this application you will be able to transfer music, documents, photos, videos and even applications between your different smartphones with ease. With its PC mode, Xender offers you the ability to transfer data between your computer and your phone without any additional software installation. Note that it can also operate in offline mode without affecting the transfer speed.

Do you have valuables you want to get rid of? Then the Catawiki Sell auction application is for you. With more than 300 weekly auctions this is the most prosperous in Europe.

With Catawiki Sell, there are no less than 80 categories, from simple books and jewelry, to Fashion to vintage cars, Design, Art, Wine, and other musical instruments and flea markets.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

1 - Introduction

This tutorial will show you how to use most of the available features. It is designed to give you step-by-step help. All the files mentioned in the examples are installed with the tutorial to allow you to follow the demonstration while performing the same analyzes and obtaining the same results as those appearing here.
It is also designed to allow you to start and stop easily where you want. If you want to learn more about specific tasks only, select the desired topics in the Content tab.
If you want detailed examples of statistical analysis methods, use Case Studies explained step-by-step.

2 - Sample files

Most of the examples presented here use the demo.sav data file. This data file is a dummy survey of several thousand people, containing demographic and consumption information. See Sample Files for more information.

MEGA for Android allows you to browse the files hosted on the eponymous online service, but also to send or download data with a single click. Open any document to view it, share your file via Gmail, Dropbox and more with your friends. Easily create new folders to perfect your account. Finally, synchronize the photo application to quickly back up your latest shots with your Mega account.

About Astro File Manager for Android

Astro File Manager is as its name suggests, an Android application to open and manage files on your smartphone or tablet. Astro is able to open files of different types such as images, music, videos or documents like PDF.
Astro File Manager is not limited to files stored locally on your device since the application offers the ability to connect your online storage space like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, but also Facebook on which it will recover The photos to display them as albums on Android. This file manager is also capable of compressing folders and files in ZIP format.

About Facebook page manager

Manage your Facebook pages with the Facebook page manager
The Facebook Page Manager for Android, helps page administrators communicate with their audience and track multiple page activity in one place. Publish statuses and photos and respond to comments as administrator of the page. With the Facebook Pages Manager for Android, check and reply to private messages sent to your pages. Receive push notifications about new activities but also tips or reminders.
Pages Manager helps Pages administrators communicate with their audience and track the activity of multiple Pages in one place.

A bout Google Docs for Android

Google Docs for Android is an application for creating, editing and working with documents. Google Docs allows you to create new Word documents, as well as edit those created on the Google Docs web interface or from another device and that are backed up to your Google Drive storage.
Google Docs for Android also makes it easy to share a text document with other collaborators who have the ability to edit it simultaneously with other people. The application is capable of locally storing files created in Google Docs so you can rework them once you're offline.

About Bankin

Manage your bank accounts and budget from your smartphone with Bankin for Android and its free application. Compatible with virtually all French banks, this one offers a multitude of services and saves of time assured. With Bankin for Android you can view the balances of each of your accounts, view details of your transactions and benefit from notifications and alerts in case of overdraft. Please be aware that all your data is of course secure and encrypted to give you maximum protection.

Bankin ', my Budget my Finance - Thumbnail of the screenshot Bankin', my Budget my Finance - Thumbnail of the screenshot Bankin ', my Budget my Finance - Thumbnail of the screenshot Bankin', my Budget My Finance - Thumbnail of the screenshot Bankin ', my Budget Finance - Thumbnail of the screenshot Bankin', my Budget my Finance - Thumbnail of the screenshot The Bankin 'screenshot, my Budget my Finance - Thumbnail of the screenshot Bankin', my Budget my Finance - Thumbnail of the screenshot Bankin ', my Budget my Finance - Thumbnail of the screenshot
Bankin 'is the free and secure app to manage your money, your budget and all your accounts.

1.5 million people in Europe use Bankin ':

• An overview of all your expenses
• Automatic categorization of your expenses
• All your accounts - even from different banks - accessible at a glance
• Do not ever be exposed: Bankin 'warns you upstream
• Equivalent security to the world's largest banks

Here are the main features of Bankin ':


• Your expenses are automatically categorized: rent, shopping, restaurants, fuel ...
• Charts show you how you spend your money and how to save more
• All your accounts in the same place: banks, employee savings, Paypal ...
• A search bar allows you to find all your transactions very quickly by searching by keyword and amount. And it's unlimited in time.


• You will be alerted to all unusual expenses
• You have a forecast of your balance at the end of the month: no need to make head calculations
• Bankin 'will automatically notify you as soon as you have less than 100th of your current account: you will no longer have any surprise discovery


• Easily create your budget by category of expenditure: you will see where you are throughout the month
• You will see how much you saved at the end of each month
• You will see where you can save more


• The app is as secure as your bank
• You can access the app with a PIN or with your fingerprint
• Your information is always protected (encrypted)
• Bankin 'is a French company and our servers are located in Europe
• Comodo, a leading industry player, secures your access to our servers
• We are regularly monitored by security specialists
• More information at


• If you encounter a problem in the app, do not hesitate to contact our technical support at this address
• Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news


Bankin 'is connected to more than 350 European financial institutions in 4 countries (France, Great Britain, Spain and Germany):
- Caisse d'Epargne
- Agricultural credit
- Societe Generale
- Boursorama
- Mutual credit
- The postal bank
- Nickel Account
- People's Bank
- American Express
- Axa Bank
- Bred
- BforBank
- Hello Bank
- Fortuneo Bank
- ING Direct
- Monabanq
- Paypal
- So on
- Unilend
- Natixis ...


• "Bankin 'is a banking application that allows you to better manage your accounts with ease and without taking time." - RTL (January 2016)
• "Keep track of your accounts and expenses" - 01 Net (July 2015)
• "Five apps to adopt to save time" - Head of Enterprise Magazine (May 2015)
• "Bankin is an essential ally to manage your personal finances - The Express (March 2013)


This is absolutely great! If you send a @bankin tweet with the #ForceBleue password, you will receive a GIF that will light up your day.

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