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Friday, May 19, 2017

Scan and save your paper photos using your smartphone

PhotoScan is a Google Photos application that allows you to easily scan your paper photos using the camera on your smartphone.

PhotoScan does not just take a snapshot of your photos. The application scans your photos by improving them regardless of the media type. PhotoScan is capable of scanning without reflection using a step-by-step scanning guide. The app then automatically crops the captured image with an edge detection system.

Scanning with PhotoScan is straight and rectangular, the application to correct the perspective of the captured image. Your photos are always well oriented as an intelligent rotation module automatically rotates your photos in the right direction regardless of their orientation at the time of scanning.

PhotoScan is essential for keeping a digital copy of your most beautiful silver photographs. It saves scanned photos with the Google Photos app so that they are stored in a safe place. You can organize and find them very easily, the Google Photos application to create movies, apply filters and share your images saved on the Cloud.

PhotoScan is the new Google Photos scanning application. It allows you to scan and save your favorite printed photos using your phone's camera.

Perfect images without reflections

It's not just about taking a photo: you digitize your photos by improving them, whatever the starting medium.

- Non-reflective scanning, thanks to an extremely simple guided procedure

- Auto cropping based on automatic edge detection

- Straight and rectangular scanning, with perspective correction

- Smart Rotation: Your photos stay the right way, regardless of orientation when scanning

Scan your photos in seconds

Quickly and easily scan your favorite printed photos. So you spend less time editing them and more time lamenting about the horrible haircut of your 10 years.

Photos that are easy to find and stored in a safe place in Google Photos

Save your scanned photos with the free Google Photos app to store them in a safe place, find them by researching and organizing them. Bring your memories to life by creating movies, applying filters, and using advanced editing controls. And to share your photos with all the people you want, just send them the link.

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