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Sunday, June 11, 2017

C is an imperative and generalist programming language. Invented in the early 1970s to rewrite UNIX, C has become one of the most widely used languages. Many more modern languages ​​like C ++, C #, Java and PHP take aspects of C.
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About Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is a light version of the official Facebook application. Facebook Lite is very light, and works under any conditions, even if your smartphone is connected to the Internet only in Edge. The application loads data extremely quickly and consumes very little data. On a very positive note, Facebook Lite integrates Messenger instant messaging, which will allow you to send private messages to all your friends, without having to install the third-party Messenger application, which appeared after removing the feature in the Facebook application. based.
Facebook Lite takes a design and operating system similar to the web version of the Facebook site, supports notifications and allows to share photos and update your status on the social network. Officially, the Facebook Lite app is only available for download on Google Play for emerging countries, but the APK can be installed on any device running Android.

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About LINE for Android

With LINE for Android, send messages with animated images, phone, play, publish photos and much more. Make video calls, capture the moment in a few frames or movies, add a soundtrack and share it with your friends. Instead of taking time to send an e-mail or sms to your friends, use the e-mail feature of LINE to easily send messages with colorful icons, photos and even position information. With the Timeline feature, let your friends know about your activities, with text, photos, movies, stickers and even location info. Use hilarious and fun stickers featuring characters.
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Arrow Launcher is, as the name suggests, a Launcher, an application launcher for Android smartphones.
Once installed, Arrow Launcher offers three pages on the smartphone's home. The first, which is dedicated to contacts, displays the contacts you have recently saved and the contacts with whom you are exchanging most frequently.
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RuneAudio Remote Control is a mobile application that turns your Android smartphone or tablet into a remote control capable of controlling a RuneAudio sound system.

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Friendly is a free application to use Facebook and Facebook Messenger on your Android smartphone. The application relies on Facebook's mobile web interface and loads your news feed as quickly as the native application. Thanks to Friendly, you can save space on the storage of your device, but also and especially to preserve the autonomy of your battery.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

HTML is one of the three inventions that make up the World Wide Web, with Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and web addresses. HTML was invented to allow the writing of hypertext documents linking different Internet resources with hyperlinks. Today, these documents are called "web page". In August 1991, when Tim Berners-Lee publicly advertised the web on Usenet, he only quoted the SGML language, but gave the URL of a .html suffix document.

1 – Introduction

HTML is the acronym for hypertext Markup language: language used to encode text files for use on hypertext systems (technique creating links between data of different types such as text ↔ image, text ↔ multimedia file. To create a web page, in the beginning the webmasters used two programs, in one they typed the HTML in the other they visualized the page.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Followers Assistant:

The application of social networking is one of the most popular applications that users use. It is considered to be the favorite of many, and some prefer to compete with the famous application of Snape Chat. One of the main reasons why users prefer Instagram is the permanent development of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and his team. There is a problem that bothers many users of the application is that when someone cancels your follow-up Unfollow you can not know who is the same as if someone did cancel Friendship Friend on Facebook, but with the application of Followers Assistant will be able to easily follow the account of stability Your mother and know all the activities that happen to him with ease.

Device Maintenance:

Welcome to my dear friends Recently, there have been many maintenance applications for smart phones such as the application of Clean Master and similar applications, which is the process of cleaning the phone automatically and try as much as possible to maintain the battery and all components of the phone, it seems that he did not like Samsung at all because it found that There are a large number of applications that are not usable and even harm the phone operating system instead of maintaining it. The company has developed a new application called Device Maintenance which is specialized in phone maintenance but much better than all other applications which With the same task.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Photo To Pencil Sketch Effects:

My friends Hello and welcome again In a new article from our site today I will talk to you about a new application of the amendment to the images, which has become one of the most widespread applications in recent times there are more than 10 thousand application to modify the images released since the beginning of 2017 but certainly Dear user You will not be able to experiment with all of these applications until you know which is better and here is my turn to introduce the new and the best as far as I can and to talk about the world of these applications I offer you today Photo To Pencil Sketch Effects is a new application to modify your own images, but in a wonderful and truly unique It converts your photos To S. A sketch with a pencil is really one of the best editing apps you've ever accepted.

Coach's Eye:

We have talked before in many articles about more than one application on photography and video capture slow motion and this feature or these applications are available for Android phones and work on them easily, but we may encounter many problems while using these applications and now in this article will talk about one of The most important applications that give you an opportunity to shoot slow-motion videos is the application of Coach's Eye and this application is one of the most important applications that should be present on your Android phone.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Phogy 3D Camera:

One of the most common things that we use very much are the Android phones on each of our phones. We use this camera to take pictures with our friends and loved ones and we can also use them to shoot our videos or anything we want. Android is not able to capture or take 3D images or so-called 3D because this feature is not found in a particular type of professional cameras, but we have found you the solution in this article is the Phogy 3D Camera application, which we will talk about it today.

WireTap Detection:

Dear friends, Hello and welcome again today I will talk to you about one of the most important topics that concern a lot of users is how to protect your phone android from spyware and malware that may leak your data and this is certainly something very dangerous The most dangerous methods of spying circulating is one of them eavesdropping On your personal phone calls and not only eavesdropping, but may often call your calls so you should take good precautions from those operations and today I will give you a wonderful application WireTap Detection, which can protect your phone from the risk of recording the machine Your mate.


Dear Friends, Welcome to a new topic, there are many applications that a very large number of users use as an alternative to social networking applications, so that the user does not download all the applications, he uploads a single application through which he can access all the applications that he needs OneLogin application is one of the most popular applications that perform this task but a little differently. It requires only one password before signing in to all your applications, which is used by a very large number of users, but unfortunately If you are using this application you are at high risk.
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About Slideshow for Android

With Slides, Google offers all Android mobile devices the ability to make slide shows in a mobility situation. Google Slides for Android can create new presentations or modify those already created online or on another device and also offers the possibility to share and modify them simultaneously with other collaborators. The user interface is simple and intuitive and allows you to add, reorder slides of a slide, or change the formatting of text and visual elements present. Finally, the application recognizes Microsoft PowerPoint files and will therefore be able to open and modify them.

9Cut For Instagram:

One of the most popular applications is the application of Instagram, which has become widespread among young men and girls in an abnormal manner. It is known that this application is one of the applications for publishing our images. Recently, the popular 9Cut phenomenon has been spread through which users divide their image into 9 parts and publish them In the application stages in order to finally complete the picture beautifully. In this article we will talk about one of the applications that perform this task very distinctly is the 9Cut For Instagram application and I will present you today with all this wonderful application of features and how to use.
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About de OfficeSuite

About Introducing OfficeSuite Drive -
OfficeSuite + PDF Editor for Android allows you to read all your Microsoft Office documents from your Android Smartphone.

Hide Files Andrognito:

We may need many times to hide many files on our Android phones whether these files images or videos or written files such as files roses and Excel, but we do not know what is safe and safe way to hide them to keep them from loss or damage and that's why we will talk In this article about one of the most important applications that will do this task very quickly and without the need for a lot of explanation is the application Hide Files Andrognito.

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About MyFitnessPal for Android

MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter that will help you lose weight by telling you how many calories you are consuming daily. The application requires some personal information such as your height and weight and asks you to choose a weekly weight loss goal. Once this goal is chosen, MyFitnessPal tells you the number of calories that should not be exceeded daily.

Private Read for Whatsapp:

One of the most popular applications we use these days is social networking applications, most notably the application of WTSP and other similar applications. There is something that bothers many users in this application. If a message comes and reads, the sender has a blue sign indicating that the message has been read If you do not reply to the message, you may have a problem or a disagreement, but we have found the best solution to solve this problem: Private Read for WhatsApp, which does a great job of helping us overcome this annoying problem.

1 - Introduction to the tensor product

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Inkwire Screen Share:

Peace be upon you all dear friends today brought you a beautiful application very easy for you a lot and a lot of your time where most of us are exposed to the users of Android phones to a problem and wants to ask or ask a friend more experienced than in the phones is difficult at first and sometimes can not Explain, you take pictures and write the screen and draw shares to know the problem exactly this is all wasted time in addition to that you can not solve the problem that you encountered, but today I brought you an application that helps you solve this problem very easily is the application InKwire Screen Share
This application is one of the most beautiful applications that helps you to solve most of the problems that you face in your phone where the application by sharing the screen of your phone on your phone for another friend can help you and evaluate this application on the store Google Play 4.3 and this proof that he downloaded a lot and gain Trust who has used it to help you understand the problem easily under the supervision of the person you have shared your phone screen

Spy Camera OS3:

Hello, dear friends, welcome to our site. Welcome, I would like to add you in a new addition that can benefit many of us. Some people who own an Android phone with a camera need to shoot a specific event without knowing who is around you that you are filming or filming a bad event People on the street to publish it on social networking sites or want to photograph a comedian's position to one of your friends and do not want to feel anything but using the camera in any of the previous positions you find there is a camera or flash sound or shows the application of the normal camera on the screen and know who tried to shoot youToday, I solved a problem for you by applying Spy Camera OS 3.

iNoty OS 10 PRO:

Many of us have the Android phones of various kinds and in many times we need to change the phone's shape, specifically notices or tape and want to update our phones and change to newer, but we do not know what is the right way to do it is the best forms of this tape is the shape, who is IOS, who is inside the phone system of iPhone and this My friends will present to you today a wonderful application you dear user to format conversion notices the existing phone bar to this bar on the iPhone, a telephone iNoty OS 10 wonderful PRO who will talk with you today all their own thing in terms of features and how to use only followed paragraphs Walt Mechanism
The iNoty OS 10 PRO application is one of the most recent applications on application display stores. This app has been rated highly, with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, and a significant increase in downloads on Google Play.
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The Google service, Google Keep, gets its mobile app to carry all your notes and write them wherever you are. This application makes it easy to record all your personal notes with text, photos, voice recordings and thematic colors. Add checkboxes to turn your notes into real To-Do-List. Share them with your community and archive them with a simple sliding finger on the screen? Finally, you can easily find these synchronized notes on your Google Drive online storage.
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Looking for a collaborative recipient platform for the corporate world? Then the Place to Work application by Facebook is for you. Launched by the first social network in the world, this one has upset the highly competitive market of communication and social network in the company.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

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.Skype Lite is a light version of the Skype instant messaging and video conferencing application.
Running on all Android smartphones, Skype Lite has the merit of being able to be used even on devices with modest configuration. The application is also optimized to work perfectly on the least performing mobile networks.
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Keep in touch with your loved ones with Tango for Android. This application allows you to make voice, video calls (national and international), send text messages or photos for free with family, friends and millions of people from all over the world.
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The Instagram application for Android offers to keep an eye at all times on your Instagram community and customize your most beautiful shots.
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Adobe Scan is a mobile application officially developed by Adobe, which transforms your mobile device into a powerful document scanner.
Thanks to its precision algorithm, Adobe Scan detects the edges of your document and improves its sharpness when scanning. A palette of editing tools allows you to edit your scans, crop them and improve their colors.

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