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Thursday, May 31, 2018

This according to Mark Reinhold himself. Mark Reinhold is the chief architect of the Java platform at Oracle. He spoke to InfoWorld about this topic a few days ago.

Mark Reinhold indicates that the Java team is currently working on removing the serialization support in the JDK. For those who absolutely need it, a plug-in system to support serialization operations via a new framework will be proposed. Mark Reinhold did not specify any date
For him, the addition of serialization support to Java that was made in 1997 was 'a horrible mistake', a horrible mistake.

Two weeks ago, we reported that the major update Windows 10 April Update was experiencing serious problems with some SDDs.
The impacted hardware was computers with Intel 600p or 6000p series SSDs or Toshiba XG4, XG5, or BG3 SSDs.

The Arduino range will expand by 2 new cards in the coming weeks. The first is a revision of the classic Uno that receives a WiFi module with a new microcontroller, the Atmega4809. For security, there is a chip ATECC608 CryptoAuthentification. It will be possible to communicate safely with cloud services, much like the MKR1000 does. Let's hope the price is not too high. On the other hand, little chance to see a clone arrive quickly on the market ...

Square format and round price, the new Fujifilm instant camera arrives in France.
Fujifilm expands its line of instant cameras to square format. The Instax Square SQ6 wants to seduce more customers with its stylish and retro look, and compete with Polaroid. And he has the good idea to be sold at a reasonable price.

Apple has signed with Volkswagen to create fully autonomous vehicles.

Apple has tried to ally with BMW and Mercedes-Benz, without success. It is with Volkswagen that the Californian company has just reached an agreement. The goal: to design an electric and autonomous vehicle for Apple employees.

To choose new content, Netflix has only one obsession: the data of its users.

The recommendation algorithms have built Netflix's reputation, which is breaking records for subscribers in France. Now, to acquire new content and develop its catalog of programs, the streaming platform analyzes the huge amounts of data delivered by the users themselves.

For its 67th version, Chrome allows you to connect to your favorite sites without having to enter your password.

Finally, finish the chore of remembering all his passwords! Google has released version # 67 of its Chrome browser. And this Chrome update will allow password-free logins for most websites, which means you can avoid using a password manager and you will not need to rack your brains anymore. to find what password you could use for some sites.

According to a new study by cybersecurity experts at F5 Networks, the vulnerability of IoT devices is such that it is becoming an increasingly difficult threat to control.
The latest F5 Labs cyber intelligence report highlights the "thingbots", these networks exclusively composed of IoT devices. Less protected, more difficult to correct and likely to become more numerous than traditional computers, IoT are becoming the preferred vector of attack of cybercriminals who are students.

Google released yesterday the new version of its browser: Chrome 67. This version is noted by the arrival of two new APIs: Generic Sensor and WebXR.
Generic Sensor will allow web applications to access the data provided by the sensors of a device. The API consists of a generic interface, on which various classes are built to communicate with concrete sensors. For example :

Microsoft announced yesterday the availability of .NET Core 2.1. A grind placed primarily under the sign of performance.
First, your projects will compile faster. According to Microsoft, thanks to the incremental compilation, the compilation time of large projects is drastically reduced.
Compiling faster is good, running faster is better. Microsoft has worked on the issue and proposes with this version a multilevel JIT (Just-in-Time) compiler.

The Apache Foundation announced this week the availability of the NetBeans IDE in Release 9.0 Release Candidate.
One of the major contributions of Java 9 is the support of modularity with Jigsaw. Similarly one of the major contributions of NetBeans 9.0 Rc is the support of Jigsaw.

Autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles still have miles to go in terms of safety. After the fatal accident involving a Google Car last March, a new collision of a car Tesla mode 'Autopilot' is relaunching the debate.
Tuesday, on a California road in Laguna Beach, south of Los Angeles, a Tesla electric car that was traveling in semi-autonomous mode, struck a parked police vehicle. The driver was only slightly injured.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The inheritance in Kotlin language is almost the same as Java with a slight modification. Here is the general systax of Kotlin inheritance in a simple example:
// Base parent (Super class)
open class Person {

// Childe  class (Sub class)
class Students: Person() {
Here is an example with constructor:
open   class Person(val name:String,val age:Int){

//Inheritance for Employee from Person class
class Employee(name:String,age:Int, val salary:Int):Person(name,age){    
Here is the complete code with intanciation :
open   class Person(val name:String,val age:Int){
//Inheritance for Employee from Person class
class Employee(name:String,age:Int, val salary:Int):Person(name,age){   
fun main(args: Array< String >) {
    //Create object Person P
    var E=Employee("Richard",35,28000)
    println("Empoyee name is : " +
    println("The Employee's age is : " + E.age)
    println("The Employee's salary is : " + E.salary)
Inheritance from the methods of the super class.
Here's an example of a child class: Rectangle that inherits the perimeter method from the super class  Parallelogram:
open   class Parallelogram(val side1:Int,val side2:Int){
    fun perimeter():Int{
        return 2*(this.side1+this.side2)
//Inheritance for Employee from Person class
class Rectangle(side1:Int,side2:Int):Parallelogram(side1,side2){   
fun main(args: Array< String >) {
    //Create object Rectangle
    var R=Rectangle(10,7)
    println("The perimeter of rectangle R is : " + R.perimeter())

Younes Derfoufi

An audit reveals the presence of 14 security vulnerabilities in the on-board computer of BMW cars.

It's a Chinese team of cybersecurity researchers that reveals the presence of 14 vulnerabilities in BMW's on-board computers. As part of an ethical hacking, the audit was conducted by a subsidiary of giant Tencent, Keen Security Lab.

A new feature arrives on Facebook: job offers.
Users who have updated Facebook recently have certainly noticed the arrival of a tab dedicated to job offers. After a year of testing in the United States, the feature is finally available on Facebook in France and in 42 countries.

The connected speaker of Apple will be available in France from June 18th.
Released at the beginning of February in the United States, after a long and painful delay in delivery, the speaker connected HomePod was slow to show in France, where Apple had yet announced his arrival. But the wait for French fans of Apple is coming to an end soon, as the Cupertino company has said it will be available in France from June 18.

The two Pokémon games: Let's Go promise to link the Switch to the augmented reality universe of Pokémon GO!
All players eagerly awaiting a return of Pokémon on the Nintendo Switch should be thrilled, since The Pokémon Company has announced the arrival of three new games: Pokémon Quest, Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Evoli! And as their name suggests, these two titles are closely related to the Pokémon GO augmented reality mobile game.

The ANFR warns against the DAS too high of 3 smartphones. A 4th is even removed from the sale.

For Honor 8, Alcatel PIXI and Echo Star, the Specific Absorption Rate - SAR - was measured too high by the ANFR. They must be updated. As for the TP-Link Neffos, it is simply removed from the sale.
Regularly, the National Agency of Frequencies - ANFR carries out tests to measure the DAS of the main smartphones present on the French market. Manufacturers have the obligation to provide this information to consumers, but it is more prudent to control the actual level of radiation ... And in the case of Honor 8, Alcatel Pixi, Echo Star Plus and TP-Link Neffos, it There is a problem of wave emissions.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Before you start programming Mod, I advise you to check that a simple program in Kotlin compiles and runs well from your environment.
There are different ways to create your first project "Helloo World!" kotlin, so different IDEs can be used. We will see an example with the Intellij IDE

Step 1: Download and install a JDK environment

The RGPD (General Regulation for Data Protection), which came into force on May 25, 2018, is supposed to protect our data, and thus do us good. But for children under 16 who use Twitter, the regulatory novelty has turned into a nightmare, since their accounts were simply blocked.
The GDPR requires children under the age of 16 who wish to use Twitter to obtain the written consent of a parent and send it to the social network.

AMD, the famous American manufacturer of processors, has just unveiled its plans for the next few years. On the program, new Zen processors 2, 3 and 5.
It is a long-term work that AMD is doing to concretize the successors of its Zen architecture.

A work around Zen microarchitecture

The development of the succession of Zen microarchitecture began last year at AMD. The manufacturer was then thinking about versions 2, 3 and 5 - the number 4 seems to have been deliberately ignored by superstition.

In the summer of 2017, Honor announced his Honor 9. Just over six months later, the Honor 10 was making its appearance. Released only a few weeks ago, it seems that the Chinese firm is already about to launch a new smartphone.

As all experts in the field know, the best way to get a preview of what's new is to monitor the TENAA website, a Chinese certification body.

E-commerce in France is on its way to a record year, according to the latest report from the Fevad.

The balance sheet is very positive for e-commerce in France, which is running at full capacity. Online sales are up sharply in the first three months of the year, with 13% more. E-commerce represents 22.3 billion euros, according to figures published by the Fevad, the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling.

Lego launches a line of connected toys Powered Up, which allows to control the Batmobile via smartphone.

Lego fans will be able to discover a new connected gaming experience. The Powered Up range offers several toys to control by smartphone or tablet, including a connected Batmobile, soon sold as a kit at $ 99 this summer in the United States.

It's radical, Amazon will ban its customers who return too many items.

Since March, several hundred customers have seen their Amazon account closed. The e-commerce giant believes they have abused its generous returns policy. The message is clear: Amazon wants to stop cases of fraud.

Next year, Apple could generalize the OLED screen to all its new smartphones.

True to LCD screens, the Cupertino company has been slow to join the movement of OLED screens, and currently only has one smartphone with this type of screen become very popular, and it is the iPhone X. But from 2019, it is possible that Apple finally abandons the LCD and offers only iPhone equipped with an OLED screen.
This is in any case what the South Korean site ETNews, which was taken over in English by our fellow members of The Next Web. Like its competitors - OnePlus with its latest model, Google and its Pixel 2 or Samsung and Galaxy S9 - Apple could offer an OLED screen for its most high-end products. See even mid-range, since it is possible that the production costs of OLED screens will drop by next year.
But this is certainly what could happen this year. Indeed, late last year, the rumor ran that Apple had three devices in the boxes for 2018: two high-end devices with OLED screen and an entry-level LCD model. Not to mention another rumor also evokes the arrival of an iPhone SE 2, which should also use an LCD.

Snapchat users can currently use a virtual mask that responds to the image but also to the sound

Constantly copied by the competing social media - and also by services that are not expected like AirBnB - Snapchat remains a pioneering service of augmented reality thanks to Lenses, its famous virtual masks. But even if it is losing service to Facebook, Snapchat proves once again its status as an innovator by creating a filter that reacts to sound.

When it comes to thanking someone, no matter how old, Google does not skimp on the means. Witness the $ 36,000 (about 31,200 euros) paid by the American firm to Ezequiel Pereira, a Uruguayan of 17 years. The reason ? This teenager discovered a security breach at the American giant, reported CNBC on Saturday.
The Bug Bounty program
This award is part of the Bug Bounty program, which provides financial compensation for people who report bugs to Google.
E-commerce at full speed E-commerce in France is on its way to a record year, according to the latest report from the Fevad. The balance sheet is very positive for e-commerce in France, which is running at full capacity. Online sales are up sharply in the first three months of the year, with 13% more. E-commerce represents 22.3 billion euros, according to figures published by the Fevad, the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling. The overall rise of 13% in e-commerce in France is to be compared to the stagnation of consumption in France (excluding food) which has lost 0.4% according to the Banque de France. It is reinforced by the growth of purchases on smartphones, up 25%, the main driver of growth in the sector. This performance of e-commerce is driven by the increase in the frequency of purchase of French consumers, up 18.5%. Internet and mobile commerce are entering everyday life, particularly because of the steady decline in postage and the effectiveness of various annual subscription offers. We are thus witnessing the development of weak average baskets, ie purchases of small amounts. If we look sector by sector, clothing is still the most purchased product online, far ahead of cultural products. The food sector is on the rise, thanks in particular to the development of driveway drives, with Carrefour and Leclerc on the front line. And among the leading merchant sites, the most visited in France are - in order - Amazon, Cdiscount and the group Fnac Darty. The full report on the e-commerce figures is available on the official website of the Fevad.

Monday, May 28, 2018

The deposit of an N64 mark in Japan raises rumors of the (likely) arrival of the Nintendo 64 Classic Mini.

The NES Classic Mini has been a success, and is poised to return to the front of the stage. The Super Nintendo Classic Mini is selling like hotcakes ... Why stop surfing on the backdrop of the nostalgic who has seized geeks, gamers and even the general public? Not surprisingly, it seems that Nintendo is setting the stage for the release of a Nintendo 64 Classic Mini.

The iPhone in universal pass
Apple will multiply the functionality of the NFC chip of its iPhone in a future update.

Do you know Near-Field Communication or NFC technology? It is this means of secure wireless communication that allows for example the payment without contact on a bank card or to validate a transport card. Like many other smartphones, the iPhone also embeds an NFC chip but its use is rather limited. But more necessarily for a long time, because Apple is preparing to give it many more possibilities.

More precision on the PSVR 2 helmet
For PSVR 2, Sony will push the limits of virtual reality headsets, with a screen 3 times more accurate.

 The next model of PSVR could embark a screen 3 times sharper than the current model. At Sony, the project would be to design a screen with a much higher pixel density than the first PlayStation VR headset. What makes virtual reality even more attractive.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Google has introduced mini-games in its new advertising format on smartphone.

This is the format that is currently hot on mobile: mini-advertising games. Google is banking on this trend with a new type of smartphone advertising. Its Google AdMob platform integrates mini-games directly into the heart of the ads. Unless it's the other way around ...

For its third edition, VivaTech has chosen to place Africa in the spotlight. The Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center welcomes from 24 to 26 May 2018 nearly 8,000 start-ups including several hundred young shoots from 15 African countries. We give you all the info!
African start-ups in full expansion.

In Japan, Nintendo sells Switch without dock
Nintendo will offer Japanese players to buy a 2nd Switch tablet without the docking station.
Nintendo has decided to offer Japanese gamers a new way to buy the Switch through a new "bundle" whose particularity is not to contain the dock for playing the console on a TV. But in reality, this pack is not really intended for players hungry for portability, but rather homes already have a switch connected to family television.

The omnipresence of Google and its tenacity to offer a complete ecosystem for its Assistant and its connected speakers will eventually pay. Because for the first time since launch, the volume of Google Home shipped would have surpassed that of the Amazon Echo for the first quarter of the year. In addition to temporarily taking the leadership of the sector of connected speakers, Google is paying the luxury of showing an insolent growth of 483% compared to the first quarter of 2017.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

An array in Kotlin is none other than a Kotlin variable that can be declared by the statement val or var, and the class arrayOf, while specifying the type String, int, float ...

 1 - One-dimensional table 

 A one-dimensional array is declared using the statement:

AirBnb users may also be able to publish their Travel Stories on the service.
And now, it's almost become a running gag, Snapchat is still stealing his concept of Stories. This time around the AiBnb, the famous as much as decried rental service of tourist accommodation between individuals, to learn from the concept of Stories. According to TechCrunch, AirBnb is currently testing the integration of Stories on its iOS mobile app.

The young American manufacturer could be put on sale and his new smartphone project with.

While the French have to wait several months to access the Essential Phone, the first name, they may have to wait even longer - and even indefinitely - for the Essential Phone 2. Indeed, the next smartphone of the company created by Andy Rubin - co-creator of Android - could very well pass to the ace. Because the company could simply be resold.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Notice to makers and other developers: Android Things is finally available in version 1.0. For Google, it's a first key brick to associate its mobile OS with the dazzling development of connected objects.

If there is one sector in which Apple is a little behind the competition, it is the virtual assistants. Although Siri is much older than Google Assistant or Alexa, it must be recognized that it is significantly less powerful. But it seems finally that Apple has decided to improve it, starting by giving it a new voice ... and also a new playground in the form of a new connected speaker.

0 - Kotlin Control structures 

Control structure The control structures are similar to those of java (if, for, while, switch, ...), except that most Kotlin structures are expressions, and therefore their result can be assigned to variables, such as as we saw in the previous section; but also, the equivalent of the switch structure in Kotlin is much simpler to use and much more powerful.

Will Kaspersky stay Russian? The antivirus publisher relocates a good part of its activities in Switzerland.
Kasperky's software production activities will be transferred to Switzerland. To escape the suspicions of espionage, the editor of antivirus solutions prefers to leave Russia of its origins.

The antivirus team has identified several types of Android smartphones with preinstalled malware.
You will avoid applications and websites dubious not to have malware on your phone, you will not escape unfortunately if these malwares have been pre-installed on your device. And according to a report published by the Avast Threat Labs, this is exactly what happens to thousands of users with non-Google certified smartphones.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Kotlin Class

To declare a class in Kotlin, we use the class statement followed by the name of the class, and inside we introduce the attributes (variables) and methods of the class including the constructor:

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Its Android and iOS application development kit can now be used in production

Google released this week the Beta 3 version of Flutter, the SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows to develop native applications whose code runs on Android and iOS at the same time.

While Kotlin is rising in the rankings

On March 7, RedMonk released its popularity ranking of programming languages ​​for the first quarter of 2018. Before going any further, note that the RedMonk ranking is one of the best-known initiatives to introduce the "best" languages the most "popular" programming or languages, with the Tiobe index, PyPL or the annual ranking of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). And like all these initiatives, the RedMonk ranking has its limits.

Android Studio 3.0 supports the Kotlin language, a new language introduced by Google into the Android ecosystem, with perhaps the intention that it will eventually replace Java, just like Apple created Swift to replace Objective C.

Kotlin is a language designed and developed by a team of JetBrains, the publisher of the renowned development environment Intellij IDEA, on which Android Studio is built. Kotlin borrows from functional programming. It has a static type system (for safety) and supports type inference as well as higher order functions (for lambda expressions and closures). Kotlin also borrows from object programming. While borrowing from functional programming, Kotlin is presented as an object-oriented language. Borrowing from functional programming is mainly to provide coding facilities, according to Kotlin's designers who do not want it to be classified in the category of research or academic languages. On the contrary Kotlin is practical and JetBrains uses it internally in real projects.

Android now officially supports the new development environment alongside Oracle's technology. What are his main strengths?

On the occasion of the last Google I / O, its annual conference for developers, held last May, Google has announced the official support of Kotlin language in Android. The decision was greeted by a thunderous applause. It is true that Kotlin was already supported by the mobile OS, but this decision tends to reassure the developer community. It translates indeed a clear will of Google to perpetuate the presence of this language on its platform alongside Java. "Even if he does not officially admit it, it is quite clear that Kotlin Google intends to push Java to the exit," said David Wursteisen, consultant in the French service company Soat.

On the occasion of Google I / O, Google has announced a new project called Android Jetpack. This is simply the renaming of the components of the library support.

Google I / O is primarily a developer conference. Last year, the Kotlin language was notably formalized as an alternative to Java. This year there will certainly not be such a change, but the new features will still be synonymous with transformations for Android developers.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Create new Java Android Studio Project

Create Android Studio Project by checking the checkBox Include Kotlin support.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bad news for the owners of Galaxy S7, the update to Android Oreo has been pushed back by Samsung. The first users to have received have indeed encountered many problems of instability of their phone once the update installed.

We will see in this tutorial how to create our first program in language "C" with the codeBlock IDE. To do this, simply follow these steps:

Saturday, May 19, 2018

What is an Integrated Developpement Environnement (IDE) ?
An IDE or development environment (Integrated Development Environment) is software that gathers tools to develop other software, such as mobile applications, software for computer or game consoles, websites, etc ... as well than to make libraries or frameworks, that is to say pieces of code that can be saved and reused in other programs.
Ken Thompson & Dennis Ritchie

1 - About the C language

The C language is an imperative and generalist programming language. Invented in the early 1970  to rewrite UNIX, C has become one of the most used languages. Many more modern languages ​​like C ++, C #, Java and PHP have aspects of C.
The C language was invented in 1972 at Bell Laboratories. It was developed at the same time as UNIX by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson. Ken Thompson had developed a predecessor of C, the B language, which is itself inspired by BCPL. Dennis Ritchie has evolved the B language into a new version that is quite different, including the types, so that it is called C1.

1 - Declarations of variables In Kotlin

we distinguish the variables whose value we can change, and the immutable variables that are not quite constants: the keyword val allows to declare an immutable variable, the var keyword is used to declare an alterable variable.
val name: String = "Michael"
// name = "Walid" // Forbidden !!! Because name has been declared with val
var age = 5
age + = 10 // no problem because age is alterable.
As a reminder, we must specify the type of variable after the name, not before as in Java. Obviously, an immutable variable must be initialized when it is declared. This works equally well for "primitive" types (everything is object in Kotlin) as for personal types.
class Person (val name: String, var age: Int = 10)

val Claude: Person = new Person ("Jim", 25)
Even if classes in Kotlin will be explained later, here the Person class has a read-only name property, and a read-write age property, which defaults to 10. (Note however, here the class Nobody has not defined a modifying method, but if it were, it would also have been probable that the variable Claude could see its modified state even though it was declared as val! Here the word -val val just prevents the object pointed by Claude from changing.)

2 - Basic types

The Byte, Short, Int, Long, Float, and Double numeric types are equivalent to the existing types in Java: except that, as a reminder, in Kotlin, everything is object. So we can write:
3.toString ()
7.downTo (0) // generates the range (ie the interval) decreasing from 7 to 0.
The Boolean type also works as in Java:
val under18 = age <18
val isLucas = name == "Lucas"
val iFoundHim = under18 && isLucas
The String type has the same methods as in Java, but also additional methods (complete list here). So we can write:
println ("martin" .all {it.isLowerCase ()}) // Test if the whole word is lowercase.
The all method, which tests whether all the elements of a collection fulfill a criterion, does not exist in Java: it is an extension of the Kotlin language. The piece of code constituted by the braces is an anonymous function (or lambda): it will be discussed later. Kotlin also adds the type Range (interval), very useful. Thus one can execute a loop thanks to a Range object (indeed, the basic Java syntax to perform a loop does not exist in Kotlin):
for (i in 3..7) {
    println (i)
} // Show numbers from 3 to 7 on multiple lines.
But we can also get a descending interval with downTo:
for (i in 10 downTo 0) {
    println (i)
} // Count down from 10 to 0, on multiple lines.
It is also possible to specify a progression other than 1:
for (i in 2..36 step 3) println (i) // Display the numbers 2,5,8, ..., 35
It is also possible to combine a descending interval and a defined progression:
for (i in 36 downTo 2 step 3) println (i) // Display the numbers 36,33, ..., 3
We will come back later in this chapter on the for loop. Also know, as we will see later with the functions, the type void does not exist in Kotlin, but we use instead the type Unit (which does not apply only to functions). Remember that you can see the methods available for a given object in the Kotlin Playground or in the Intellij Idea IDE with the CTRL + ESPACE command after entering the point next to the object. 

Younes Derfoufi 

Presentation of Kotlin language.

Kotlin is an object-oriented, functional programming language with static typing. It runs under the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and can also be compiled under JavaScript.
In the same way that the Java language takes its name from the Indonesian island Java, the name Kotlin comes from Kotlin Island off St Petersburg in Russia.
Announced during the Google I / O 2017 conference Kotlin became the second supported programming language on Android after obviously Java.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

A dating application - Facebook Dating - will join the panoply of social network services.

The 2.2 billion members of Facebook will be able to enjoy a home application dedicated to meetings. Mark Zuckerberg has announced the upcoming arrival of "Dating" at the annual F8 conference.

After buying Withings in 2016, Nokia has just sold it to its original co-founder.
Two years ago, Nokia signed a big check of 170 million euros to beef up its connected health sector by buying the French company Withings. But two years later, it seems that the Finnish company is not really satisfied with its incursion in this environment. Indeed, Nokia has announced the resale of its health branch connected to Éric Carreel, the co-founder and former president of Withings.

Google Tasks is Google's new task manager, available on the web and in Android or iOS apps.

To make available its new task manager Tasks, Google aims for cross-platform. Its To-do List application is available in Android or iOS app and in Chrome extension. The application lets you create, organize, and manage tasks by integrating with the new Gmail or Google Calendar.

Cyber ​​security experts reveal that 5% of hotel rooms in the world are piratable.

 It is the electronic locks of 40,000 hotels around the world that would be compromised, according to the study of F-Secure specialists. The size security flaw concerns certain models of Assa Abloy brand locks.

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