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Saturday, June 30, 2018

The entertainment industries have repeatedly accused Google of not doing enough to limit piracy while demanding harsher measures. Ideally, the groups, including the MPAA and the RIAA, want the search engines to completely remove the offending websites from their results, especially if the courts have previously found them to be illegal.
But Google did not hear it that way. In order to protect the interests of copyright owners, Google has opted to make "hacker" sites more difficult for its users to find.
For example, in 2014, Google updated its main algorithms to reduce the visibility of so-called "hacker sites". Using the number of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) requests as an indicator, these sites were downgraded in search results when the user entered certain key phrases.
"Sites with a large number of delete notices may appear lower in the search results. This ranking change helps users find legitimate and quality content sources more easily, "Google explained.
Suppression, a measure whose effectiveness is questioned
The company was opposed to completely removing the sites targeted by a request to remove content from its search results, explaining in an open letter that "Unfortunately, this removal is inefficient and can easily lead to censorship of material lawful ".

Thursday, June 28, 2018

After the recent Facebook scandal about data from more than 50 million Facebook users used by Cambridge Analytica to influence users' policies in the recent US presidential and Brexit elections, it would have been thought that the company would have kept a low profile for all the data collection that is the basis of its activity. But recent information released to the general public on recent concepts that the company would seek to patent shows that the latest scandal would not have undermined the company's intention to collect more data from users.
As of December 2016, Facebook is reported to have initiated a patent filing process for a new concept that allows it to trigger the microphone of a smartphone and record the ambient audio from that device when this device detects a high-frequency sound that is inaudible to the user. to be human and broadcast in a TV program as an advertisement.

The Linux Foundation recently announced that the Google giant has become a Platinum member of its organization. Google joins companies such as AT & T, Cisco, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, Oracle, Qualcomm, Tencent, Samsung and VMware who already have Platinum membership in the organization. Previously, the Mountain View firm was registered as a Silver member.
The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium created in 2007. Its mission is to protect and standardize Linux by providing the centralized resources and services needed to compete effectively with other operating systems. The consortium currently has more than 800 members who can be distinguished according to their level of membership within the entity. In the Linux Foundation, the Platinum member status granted to a partner corresponds to the highest level of membership.
The Mountain View firm will also receive a seat on the Board of Directors of the Linux Foundation. Sarah Novotny, the Google Cloud Platform open source strategy manager, is expected to join the Linux Foundation board on behalf of the Alphabet subsidiary.

Like Facebook or Twitter, Instagram now exists in Lite!
With just over a billion users in its ranks, Instagram will need imagination to support its crazy growth but also turn to new markets still underutilized: ie countries where mobile coverage is uneven and data plans still expensive. Reason why Instagram has just launched the Lite version of its application.
Like Twitter or Facebook in the past, Instagram will offer a lighter version of its mobile application to appeal to emerging markets. Instagram Lite has appeared without fanfare on the Android Play Store (link in English), and the application is really lightened since it weighs only 573 kilobytes, where the iOS version weighs about 141 megabytes!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Last November, we announced that Mozilla engineers were working on an upcoming feature in Firefox that will warn visitors to a site if their credentials have been compromised. The notification system will rely on the database of Have I Been Pwned ?, the website developed by security researcher Troy Hunter that indexes public data breaches and allows users to search and see if their data were compromised in one of these incidents.
At that time, the tool was still just a prototype and the system boiled down to displaying a notification bar when a user visits a site registered on as having been violated. The system also included an input field. It must be said that this field did nothing, but we assumed that it is there to allow users to search and see if their data was exposed during the security breach of the site they visit.

It's been almost eight months now that, according to the researchers, the WordPress team has been informed of a flaw in the system that could affect the CMS, which, let's remember, is the most popular content management system. popular on the internet. The researchers used RIPS, a static code analysis tool to automatically detect vulnerabilities in PHP applications, to detect the flaw. The vulnerability affects the core of the WordPress CMS, specifically the PHP functions. This is a very big problem because PHP is one of the most popular and accessible programming packages. In fact, most of the beginners in programming start with PHP.

Microsoft and EY (a UK-based auditing firm) have just announced the launch of a new solution for managing royalties and content rights. The peculiarity of this solution is that it is based on the Quorum blockchain technology and the Microsoft Azure cloud.
To understand the usefulness of this new solution, you should know that each month, intellectual property generates millions of transactions that must be paid in the form of royalties to content creators such as developers, artists, production houses and well other actors.
In order to calculate the royalties and other fees due to these third parties, the bodies responsible for collecting these funds must do so manually and generally from offline data sources, which adds a layer of slowness and risks of errors in data processing. To get an idea of ​​things, you should know that the current process of transaction analysis can go up to 45 days or more to aggregate the data and produce the reports of some players in the field of video game editing.

Surfing the net has undoubtedly become one of the most widespread and most popular occupations of our world at the beginning of this century. Whether it is to maintain relationships with loved ones who are far away, to learn, to be entertained or to work, the Internet is the most powerful tool ever created. And, like any medal, the Internet has its own setback. The inability of the network to guarantee the security and confidentiality of our virtual activities is its only major flaw. Our personal data may be stolen overnight without our being able to prevent it or obtain justice. Through the Internet, a new type of crime has emerged: cybercrime.

We all know Facebook as the number one social network. It was with his creation in February 2004 that the era of social networks as we know them really began. Facebook has established itself on the internet and is recognized as an essential platform for social networking. What was an idea, a few years ago, is now a global company. And like any successful industry, Facebook is constantly being criticized by critics. The latest controversy is about Facebook's free internet access services: Free Basics and
In the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Facebook was held responsible for the use made by some users. Facebook would have served as a relay and catalyst for the ethnic crisis and cleansing in the country. In response to growing criticism of his company, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and chairman of Facebook, has shut down free Internet access services in some countries, including the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Bolivia , Papua New Guinea, Trinidad and Tobago, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Anguilla, El Salvador and Saint Lucia.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

With performance, security and user interface improvements Firefox 61 is available for download for Windows, Linux and Mac. In this new version, performance improvements are still visible, as has always been the case since the launch of Firefox Quantum. These performance gains come in part from improvements to the new CSS (Quantum CSS) engine, which enables faster page rendering. It is also, according to Mozilla, faster to switch between different tabs under Windows and Linux. On macOS, we must add that the WebExtensions now run in their own process.

Monday, June 25, 2018

AMD plans to return to the dance of long-standing high-performance processors, for example with its Infinity Fabric to connect different chips in one box (a main processor and a graphics card, in particular). It seems that the manufacturer plans to push this technology a step further with "chiplets", that is to say very small chips that would be assembled in the same housing to form a complete processor. Each of these chips would be much smaller and cheaper to manufacture (we could make thousands on the same silicon wafer, rather than a few tens to hundreds of complete processors on the same surface). The housing interfacing all these chips could be much larger than today, incorporating more features: besides the computing cores, we could count the memory or the entirety of the power electronics. These small components would then communicate together using an interposer, a form of internal network to the housing. The idea is not exclusive to AMD: it is found at the base of some processors Xeon Scalable, where a refined version of the mechanism is used to include an FPGA, for example.

Huawei worked with Cambricon to develop the acceleration part for artificial intelligence for its latest phone processors, the Kirin 970 (used especially for the Huawei P20). This part bears the sweet name of Cambricon-1A and, since its announcement last year, few details were available. Cambricon has since decided to continue the race alone, with a separate processor planned for artificial intelligence. According to the current statements, this processor would be based on the Kirin 970's Cambricon-1A core, but on a much larger scale.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Has made tremendous progress, especially for the management of combination keys
June 24, 2018, by dourouc05, Qt Manager
One of the great contributions for the future of Qt with version 5.11 is the platform extension for Wayland, which is undoubtedly the future of the display for Linux, more and more distributions relegating the X server to second zone. This extension was already available, but made big leaps forward with Qt 5.11.

In recent years, manufacturers have redoubled their enthusiasm to take ownership of the market for virtual reality headsets (VR - Virtual Reality in English). While most of the first headsets released had almost the same characteristics, other manufacturers began to stand out by providing their devices with 360-degree vision capabilities. Very quickly, many manufacturers have embarked on this new race. Many users, including gamers have indeed welcomed these headsets.
However, some users and even manufacturers have realized that these 360-degree headsets have not only advantages. In addition to being expensive, these headphones require the user to turn his head to capture the entire scene around him if he wants to record with this mode. Since not all users want to see 360-degree scenes, some builders have begun to think of another model of cameras: recording videos and photos in 180-degree 3D to capture only the frontal scene. .

A new open-source tool, licensed under MIT, is now available for the WinAppDriver (Windows Application Driver) community: the WinAppDriver UI Recorder tool. Contrary to what its name might suggest, this tool is not dedicated to drivers but rather helps to create easier automated user interface tests.
For those of you who do not know WinAppDriver, this is a Windows 10 user interface automation service that you can use to test your applications.
For developers who already use WinAppDriver, Microsoft already offers a tool called "Inspect", which allows developers to view the attribute data of the user interface elements. Hassan Uraizee, of Microsoft, explained that Inspect does not offer a complete view, which is why Microsoft released the UI Recorder tool.

To offer a laptop always connected, Google could offer a Chromebook equipped with a smartphone processor.So far, the vast majority of Chromebooks available on the market are equipped with Intel processors. Apart from the relatively poor Rockchip chips, as on some Asus devices, there are almost no other alternatives But it appears that a new solution is emerging with the introduction of a chip Snapdragon 845 on a future model of Chromebook .
According to various information cross-referenced by the About Chromebooks website, it seems that the Chromium OS coders - the free system on which Chrome OS is based - have worked to make a device called Cheza compatible with their system. This laptop, whose origin is unknown, has the particularity of working with the latest processor of Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 845, which is found especially in the latest smartphones.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

After introducing two new 970 Pro and 970 EVO SSDs to the general public last month, Samsung is once again announcing a new product, this time for data centers.
For this new output, the South Korean manufacturer has a SSD format even smaller than the SSD M.2. It is an NVMe SSD in NGSFF format (for Next Generation Small Form Factor) with a storage capacity of 8 TB (terabytes). Note that NGSFF is a new connector and daughter card format that is expected to be standardized by the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) in October, according to Samsung. It replaces the M.2 standard by incorporating the advantages of the U.2 and M.2 standard and backwards compatibility with the M.2 devices.

In Amazon's footsteps, Microsoft is working on a software solution for non-cash supermarkets.
According to Microsoft would have launched a project dedicated to connected commerce. The goal is to develop a technology capable of removing crates and queues in supermarkets. This is a reminder of Amazon Go ...

To make his Live more interactive, Facebook has added polls and quizzes
On Facebook, live videos are a hit with users and publishers. To surf the wave of success, the social network wants to add interactivity. Creators can embed polls and quizzes in real time.
With these interactive features, Facebook wants to reward creators of content, like YouTube. This is the role of a service named Brand Collabs Manager. Publishers can access a publicity and paid subscription manager. This is also where interactions are handled during live video. Spectators can be asked to guess what's inside a box, or challenge Live participants to answer questions in real time. It is even possible to allow them to earn money in these interactive quizzes.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Facebook's instant messenger can now translate messages from English to Spanish in one click.
Thanks to Messenger, you will soon have a brain drain to remind you of your English and Spanish classes to talk to your friends. Indeed, Facebook has just started the implementation of automatic translation in Messenger, a function announced during the last F8 conference. For the moment only the translation from Spanish into English - and vice versa - has been integrated.

With IGTV and its creators of content, Instagram wants to popularize long-term vertical videos.
In early June, information from the very serious Wall Street Journal said that Instagram plans to break the time limit of its videos to allow up to one hour of image. It turns out that the rumor was true, but it was only the submerged part of the iceberg. Because Instagram actually launches IGTV, a new application devoted to long format videos.
Intended for creators of content on Instagram, IGTV also aims to compete with Youtube and of course Snapchat. As announced by the rumor, it will be possible to download on IGTV videos lasting up to an hour. And this one will only be in vertical format. Because IGTV wants to be oriented towards a mobile use in priority. Even if IGTV will exist as a separate application, it will of course be possible to watch the videos directly on the Instagram application.

IBM is working on new chips, 100 times more effective for artificial intelligence.
To achieve their goals, IBM researchers are working on a new chip technology. They want to prove that implanting in silicon can make a network of neurons up to 100 times better.
In an article in the scientific journal Nature, IBM took inspiration from the human brain and how it works to develop fleas that are radically different from those that currently exist. This new generation could revolutionize AI. Indeed, IBM researchers want to implant artificial neural networks at the heart of hardware components. The team has already tested a neural network where the components were able to perform two image recognition tasks. Their method needs very little energy: 1% of the usual consumption. The next step is to create a fully functional prototype.
Many hopes come from these chips, able to upset the codes of artificial intelligence, traditionally supported by software. Based on the hardware, IBM may be able to market these revolutionary chips in the years to come. Very active in terms of R & D, the former American giant could well return to the front of the stage.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Facebook is currently testing the integration of auto-play advertising videos into its instant messenger.
You will resume a few more advertisements in your Messenger conversations? If the answer is no, it will unfortunately be necessary to make you the idea that a new type of advertising will appear in the Facebook instant messenger. And what's more, one of the most annoying formats: videos in automatic reading. Facebook is already testing their integration.

Weezyo launches a new PC model with a futuristic design. And in addition, the computer is made in France.
Traditionally, computers are square or rectangle shaped. But now Weezyo has decided to break the codes of micro-computing. The French company has created a PC mixing design and high-tech. And all this, with a start-up from Montpellier who put on the Made in France side.

Facebook Marketplace users can promote their ads on the network.
Facebook wants to monetize its Marketplace. Now, individuals and businesses can pay to put their ads on the network.
Available for almost a year in France, Facebook Marketplace  must become profitable, just like the job offers recently deployed. It's time to change for the social network classifieds service. As on leboncoin, platform users can now promote their products. After the United States where the feature has met with great success, Facebook deploys the promotion of classified ads in France. It is possible to highlight your product in the neighborhood or at the other end of the world, as needed. Just specify the budget to spend, and possibly the duration of the desired promotion. When the item is sold, the advertisement is automatically deleted.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Snapchat launches its Snap Kits, intended to open the platform to third-party applications and develop its use. This openness to third-party applications was long overdue. But Snapchat resisted it until now. Unlike Facebook for example, network users could not share their experience with other platforms. It is now repaired, with the launch of Snap Kit. Open to third-party applications is a must for any self-respecting social network. Tinder has his Kit, just like Postmates and Poshmark.

6 years in prison. This is the conviction received by a couple of scammers who stole $ 1 million from Amazon.
In October, Amazon was the victim of a big scam carried out by a couple of particularly talented swindlers. Their combination has allowed them to steal over a million dollars worth of items from the US giant's online sales site. They have just been sentenced to 6 years in prison and refund everything.
To successfully rip off Amazon, Erin and Leah Finan had come up with a well-honed combination.

WhatsApp seems to be preparing a new dedicated application of its messaging for Windows 10
Before going further, it seems necessary to specify that there is already a WhatsApp official application for Windows 10. But far from being a version specific to Windows 10, this one is only a simple porting the web version. And the Windows Phone version - also still regularly updated - does not use the universal UWP standard. But it seems that WhatsApp is preparing a much new version of its application.

Monday, June 18, 2018

A leak revealed Samsung's Project V, a collapsible smartphone that will never see the light of day.
Difficult to take into account all the rumors about the various projects of collapsible smartphones Samsung. It's been several years since leaks evoke a folding device prepared by the South Korean giant, but the latter has never pushed his plans to the end, and has even been recently cleared by ZTE and his Axon Mr. And a new leak has just revealed what appears to be an abandoned dual-screen foldable smartphone project.

Meltdown and Spectrum are vulnerabilities discovered in Intel processors that can be exploited to access internal registers, kernel memory and host memory. Several approaches to solutions have already been made. A mitigation technique called Retpoline has been published by Google. The big Redmond company, Microsoft, has made available a PowerShell tool to make the inventory of the protections under Windows. Linux also made patches against Meltdown and Specter in its 4.16 kernel. Despite all these efforts, no definitive and corrective solution is yet in place, as other vulnerabilities continue to be discovered in Intel's CPUs.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

There's something new with App Engine Standard - the web application design and hosting platform that relies on Google's servers. The information is from Steran Gianini - product manager GCP (Google Cloud Platform). It is now possible to deploy services developed in JavaScript with the free software platform Node.js on App Engine Standard.
Small clarification of the company of Mountain View: it is the version 8 of Node.js - available since June 1, 2017 - which was retained. JavaScript thus extends a list of languages ​​in which one already finds Python, Java, PHP and Go. Google specifies that the proposed Node.js execution environment is in the beta stage. The firm emphasizes, however, that the runtime does not introduce changes to the workflow of developers. For example, the use of existing modules remains subject to the declaration of npm dependencies within a JSON file. In addition, there is no obligation to use DataStore - the non-relational database management service of NoSQL type integrated with GCP. The Google Cloud SQL option (introduced in 2011) remains and allows you to create, configure and use relational databases with App Engine applications.

The PCIe protocol could in the future replace the UHS bus.
The SD Association (SDA) is the body in charge of developing standards for storage devices such as Secure Digital (SD) memory card or SD card. It is expected to officially announce the new Secure Digital 7.0 standard by the end of this month, probably at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) to be held this year in Shanghai from June 26 to June 28.

As a reminder, flash memory commercialized in SD format was born in 2000 thanks to the concerted efforts of technological companies Panasonic, SanDisk and Toshiba. This type of memory and its derivatives (microSD, miniSD ...) are today associated with a very wide variety of equipment (automotive GPS, digital cameras, tablets, speakers, embedded systems, smartphones, etc.) and are basically used as removable storage.

By using 100% renewable energy in its infrastructure, Samsung will start a greener business by 2020
Often criticized by some environmental organizations (Greenpeace in particular) because of its lack of involvement in this area, Samsung Electronics has decided to make a gesture by promising the exclusive use of renewable energy in a large part of its infrastructures.
The South Korean technology company has recently signaled its commitment to take advantage of the significant progress made in energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reductions to extend the use of renewable energy to the global energy market. of its activities.
As part of this effort, the company is committed to adopting fully renewable energy solutions for its offices, plants and operating facilities in the United States, China and Europe by 2020.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

VRAM GDDR6 and a new Boost algorithm
GTX Series 1100 or Series 2000? Rumors are rife about the nomenclature and the probable release date of the next generation NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. But few verifiable details have so far filtered, be it the specs or technologies that will characterize the GeForce GPUs of the Chameleon brand based on the Volta architecture.
One thing seems certain though: Nvidia's GeForce Volta graphics chips, which will succeed Pascal, should introduce their batch of novelties with improvements of varying importance. Some of these novelties have already been exposed, while others remain in the strict domain of speculation. It is, for example, very likely to find on the next generation of graphics GeForce green two new technologies: the HDMI 2.1 standard and RTX technology.

In Redstone Update 5 scheduled for fall:
Microsoft Edge, the default browser for Windows 10, will also block autoplay media in the planned Redstone 5 update for the fall.
The change was announced as part of the release of the Windows 10 preview build 17692, but is not yet available for the Insiders. Indeed, Microsoft corrected his announcement by explaining that the feature will be included in a planned future forecast in the coming weeks.
Here is what the Windows editor has marked: "Check if the media can be played automatically: A common element of Insiders' comments about Microsoft Edge is that you want more control over autoplay videos. In this release, we added a new setting in Microsoft Edge to allow you to control whether sites can run the media automatically. You can find a preview of this setting under "Advanced Settings", "Allow sites to automatically play media".

The computer world continues to experience significant technological developments. Lenovo, a Chinese company whose activities are manufacturing computer equipment, does not want to stay on the sidelines of this revolution. And it is in order to satisfy its customers with high-end products that Lenovo announces the release of its new range of laptops that combines processing power and very high performance. This is the new Lenovo Thinkpad P52 computer that presents performance never seen for a laptop. The official release of the ThinkPad P52 is scheduled for late June 2018, but it is already attracting many fans.

Friday, June 15, 2018

The microprocessor provider makes recommendations to mitigate it
Since the beginning of 2018, several vulnerabilities affecting Intel processors for several years have been brought to light. These vulnerabilities exploit certain optimization mechanisms implemented in the processors, in particular the so-called speculative execution mode. These vulnerabilities (three variants) have been known as Spectrum and Meltdown.
Fixes were quickly put in place by Intel to alleviate the problem. The company has developed other microcodes for these processors. Google has also contributed to the building with the publication of a mitigation technique called Retpoline. Linux, too, by publishing its kernel 4.16 is patching against Meltdown and Specter. A PowerShell tool is available and makes it possible to make the inventory of the protections under Windows.

The Visual Studio extension dedicated to UWP development comes with an enhanced configuration wizard.
Microsoft has recently released version 2.2 of Windows Template Studio (WTS), the Visual Studio extension that allows the development of applications to run on devices with Windows 10. The output of this second revision comes two months after that of version 2.0 of the tool.
The Redmond firm has not done in detail regarding improvements to this new version. Brutally, beyond the submerged part of the iceberg for bug fixes, extension users should see that the tool now includes better documentation. It will also have to count with a new 3D launcher and advances with the configuration wizard.

The Mozilla Foundation is launching a project support program that examines the effects of AI on society.

The Mozilla Foundation is committed to financially support projects related to the analysis of the effects of artificial intelligence. On an ethical, political or artistic level, Mozilla wants to help better understand and control AI.
Since its inception in 2003, the Mozilla non-profit foundation has been advocating for an open and accessible Internet. In parallel with the development of its browser-star Firefox, Mozilla offers various grants to help projects. The latest initiative is the surveillance of AI and the problems it causes in society. No less than $ 225,000 will be awarded to individuals, media, corporations or organizations of all kinds who want to help understand how AI and machine learning threaten everyday life.

For Chrome OS and Android App Enthusiasts
The giant Samsung has announced its Chromebook Plus (V2), a 12.2-inch convertible laptop that he says puts "productivity and entertainment within the reach of the consumer." He will have the difficult task of succeeding the first generation Chromebook Plus model from the South Korean manufacturer. Its commercialization should start on June 24th.
Chromebooks are cheap computers that target users who work mostly online. These devices have met with great success in the educational environment, particularly in North America. But the potential markets for Chrome OS-based machines and their worldwide distribution remained, however, still limited.

So far, Windows 10 is known as a fairly problematic operating system. In addition to the data collection charges of which the OS is the subject, recent user reports have indicated that the move to Redstone 3 was not snug. Some users have been weaned off security updates against the Meltdown and Spectrum vulnerabilities. The company had mainly raised problems of compatibility with some antivirus solutions. Microsoft has taken the seed to improve the deployment of April Update ...

To position itself again as the champion of security, Apple announced Wednesday that it will improve the encryption of data on its iPhone to better counter hackers or police too zealous. These new measures come at a time when a new tool called GrayKey, which is said to be able to unlock the iPhone, is starting to make a name for itself in tech circles.
"We put the customer at the center of everything," Apple said in a statement on Wednesday. "We are steadily strengthening our security protections in every Apple product to help our customers defend themselves against hackers"
The manufacturer has confirmed to Reuters the presence of a function that prohibits a device connected to the lightning port of the iPhone or iPad to access its content if the user has not identified in the last hour.

Browse the Internet using only your voice? This is the idea behind the curious Mozilla Scout Project.

With the advent of connected speakers and smart assistants, the general public is becoming more accustomed to giving voice to manage their digital life: making appointments in the agenda, order meals in delivery or reading emails and texting. But surfing the Internet is not one of these new uses. However, the Mozilla Foundation seems to be thinking about a project for a voice controllable Internet browser.

For Ubisoft, cloud gaming is the future of video games and will replace home consoles. Explanations.

The CEO of UBisoft took advantage of the E3 show to present his vision of the video game market: it will move! According to Yves Guillemot, the next consoles of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo may well be the last. Before giving way to cloud gaming.
Yves Guillemot explains that the living room consoles as we know them for decades will disappear. Streaming will take over, becoming accessible to all. To anticipate the trend, major players in the industry have already launched their online gaming platform. Google with Yeti, but also Shadow, or Sony with its PlayStation Now. At Ubisoft, the Sam platform is at the forefront of this strategic sector.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

According to a survey, the use of the Facebook social network to learn has begun to decline in the United States, many young people preferring to turn to couriers like WhatsApp to comment on the news, says a survey conducted for the Institute Reuters.
The Facebook usage rate, which remains the world's number one, has dropped nine percentage points in 2017 in the United States and 20 points in youth, according to this survey of 74,000 people in 37 countries.

A measure that does not please the police who call him an accomplice of criminals
Apple has long touted its iPhone as a sufficiently secure device that only its owner is able to unlock it. A slightly watered down view of reality that still held the iOS editor away from all forms of bug bounty before his standoff with the police.
As a reminder, the latter wanted Apple to install a mechanism that makes it possible to circumvent its own security. Apple refused to do so, highlighting the fact that this could affect the security of its devices around the world, the FBI has used a third party that has been vulnerable to achieve its purpose. Since then, Apple has decided to launch a Bug Bounty, in the same way as the other technological brands.

Google improves the offline translation capabilities of its Translate application for iOS and Android by injecting artificial intelligence

Owning an application that performs translations can be very useful in a foreign country. When it becomes more able to provide the best possible results, we can only better decipher the message on a billboard or be understood by its interlocutors. Google Translate from the Mountain View firm is now positioned at the second level and guess what? In offline mode.

The Early Access 3621 build comes with improvements for WinForms, WPF and more

Microsoft has announced the finalization of some features of version 4.8 of the .net Framework. Note that in the defined roadmap, the final version release of the .Net 4.8 Framework is scheduled for 2019. This date is still relevant. But here and there, the features that are validated by the Microsoft team can be submitted to developers for testing and possible returns. In this context, a new build, the 3621 Early Access in this case, was published for this version 4.8 of the .Net Framework. In this new preview, we have improvements in various areas including Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Forms (WinForms).

Browse the Internet using only your voice? This is the idea behind the curious Mozilla Scout Project.
With the advent of connected speakers and smart assistants, the general public is becoming more accustomed to giving voice to manage their digital life: making appointments in the agenda, order meals in delivery or reading emails and texting. But surfing the Internet is not one of these new uses. However, the Mozilla Foundation seems to be thinking about a project for a voice controllable Internet browser.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

dedicated and the first model is expected for 2020 .....
Tremble Nvidia and AMD, Intel will walk on your flower beds. The giant Santa Clara, through the voice of its CEO Brian Krzanich, has indeed announced during a conference with analysts that his project dedicated graphics card was under development. It should arrive in 2020. An announcement that was immediately followed by a tweet on the official account of Intel News.

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