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Monday, July 20, 2020

Learn Python by answering questions, anytime, anywhere, even offline
PyNote allows builders or CS college students without problems analyze Python with the aid of answering questions and solving problems. in case you are a programmer searching out Python roles, making ready for Python interviews, or a pupil who is getting to know Python presently, this app may be a proper suit for you.

whilst the use of PyNote, you may study and instruction Python by means of answering special styles of questions, including multi-selects, filling code blanks or long solution questions. We assume this is an effective manner to study programming on mobile, considering it's far tough to type and evaluate code on phones.

moreover, PyNote may be used offline (without net). You only want to replace the content material online, and once the modern content material are downloaded, you could use the app offline.

presently PytNote has the two important modules:

1, examine Python - A short and interactive Python tutorial. excellent for beginners or programmers of different languages to study Python. It has the following subjects:
- strive Python
- control drift
- capabilities
- facts systems
- Modules
- input and Output
- mistakes and Exceptions
- object orientated Programming
- some superior topics: together with decorators, turbines, lambda and map reduce programming

2, Python challenges - Python query base for Pythoners to study our know-how. high-quality for getting ready checks and interviews.

although presently PyNote focuses on Python expertise however we plan to extend the app to have extra different content, from primary language tutorials to high level architecture knowledges.

a few phrases from the developer of this app:

observe that all those notes had been done by way of me with some references to a few textbooks or online coding questions I did earlier than. they may be now not as correct as a textbook. As this is a completely early launch, there are really some troubles within the content material and i am attempting my first-rate to discover them and accurate them. i will preserve optimizing the content material and functionality to make it better every day. in case you discover any trouble whilst you are using it, it will likely be a great deal favored if you could send a message to

currently all of the content material of this app became organized when i was gaining knowledge of Python in school and making ready for Python interviews after graduation. I realize making ready for coding interviews is not only about Python information, however it is nonetheless very crucial to understand Python deeply to get a task.

these are all of the functions of this app. i exploit it each day to review my knowledges on Python. And once I see some thing valuable, i can make it a query and put up that on Python. i'm hoping it could not simplest assist myself, but also help greater builders who are preventing for their careers.

Younes Derfoufi

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