1 - The JDK development environment

Before starting the Java development, you must at first prepare your machine by installing the necessary software! For this you must download the following tools:

i)  JDK (Java Development Kit) Java development environment developed by the company sun microsystem

ii)  JRE (Java run time environment) tool required for the execution of all java program

2 - The Java IDE

An IDE (tool to write a Java program), you can use only a text editor it's may be sufficient but there are many IDE designed specifically to Java developpement and are very sophisticated and  we can cite: (several choices available to you: - Eclipse - Netbeans - Jdevelopper - JBuilder ... - and other of course...)

Let's talk about Netbeans!
- Netbeans (open source software distributed under different versions, there is a version that incorporates the JDK and JRE).
If you install it you will not be forced to install either the JDK or JRE nor do the tedious configuration of these three tools ...)
To help you I chose the simplest solution for you: all in one
solution !




You can choose the version that matches your system and install it :

 Product / File Description

File Size


 Linux x86 233.68 MB   jdk-7u80-nb-8_0_2-linux-i586.sh
 Linux x64 229.83 MB   jdk-7u80-nb-8_0_2-linux-x64.sh
 Mac OS X x64 301.5 MB   jdk-7u80-nb-8_0_2-macosx-x64.dmg
 Windows x86 243.83 MB   jdk-7u80-nb-8_0_2-windows-i586.exe
 Windows x64 246.65 MB   jdk-7u80-nb-8_0_2-windows-x64.exe

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