1. What is a Python comment?

Programming languages ​​provide a method for inserting comments within code to provide additional informations. A comment is just a text that will be ignored when running the program. Comments can be used to explain a complicated part of a program, or to put indications in the code, such as the source code, the version of the language or script...

2. Single line comment

In Python, we insert a single-line comment with the character '#' (a pound sign).


# This is a comment that will be ignored when the code is executed


# define a variable of int type
n = 5
# Display of the variable
print ("The value of n is : ", n)

3. Comment on several lines

If we want to insert a multi-line comment in Python, we use the double quotes symbol """ ... """

This is a comment
in several lines
which will be ignored when running


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date: September 2022
Author: Younes Derfoufi
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