advanced Python Coding For Biologists

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Introduction to Advanced Python for Biologists

Welcoming professionals in biology and bioinformatics, "Advanced Python for Biologists" offers a comprehensive journey into advanced programming skills. Penned by Dr. Martin O Jones and first published on January 17, 2014, this book serves as a natural progression from the foundational knowledge provided in "Python for Biologists," exploring intricate Python tools and techniques with practical biological illustrations.

Exploring Advanced Python Concepts

The course navigates through various advanced Python concepts:

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): Employing OOP principles to model biological entities, fostering structured and modular code design.
  • Exception Handling: Crafting resilient code by leveraging Python's exception system to gracefully manage errors and enhance program reliability.
  • Unit Testing: Ensuring code integrity through the application of unit tests, utilizing Python's unit testing framework for thorough program validation.
  • Data Transformation: Harnessing Python's comprehensions for efficient and concise manipulation of biological data, focusing on transformative techniques.
  • Functional Programming: Crafting flexible functions and applications using functional programming paradigms to elevate code readability and maintainability.
  • Iteration Framework: Extending custom objects and functions with Python's iteration framework for seamless integration into existing codebases.

Emphasis on Practical Problem-Solving

A cornerstone of the course is practical problem-solving, where everyday biological scenarios are utilized to illustrate advanced Python concepts. Each section features exercises, solutions, and in-depth discussions, fostering hands-on learning and comprehension.

Key Learning Objectives

Upon completion of "Advanced Python for Biologists," participants will:

  • Attain proficiency in advanced Python tools and techniques crucial for biological research and bioinformatics.
  • Enhance their capacity to model biological entities and develop robust, scalable programs using OOP principles.
  • Formulate strategies for crafting more reliable code through effective exception handling and comprehensive unit testing.
  • Master data transformation techniques and embrace functional programming paradigms for efficient data manipulation.
  • Expand their programming prowess through Python's iteration framework, facilitating seamless integration with existing codebases.

About the Author

Dr. Martin O Jones, the architect behind "Advanced Python for Biologists," merges his expertise in biology and programming to deliver this comprehensive course. With a pragmatic approach to problem-solving and real-world applications, Dr. Jones empowers biology and bioinformatics professionals to leverage advanced Python techniques effectively in their endeavors.


"Advanced Python for Biologists" stands as an indispensable asset for professionals aiming to elevate their programming acumen within the realm of biology and bioinformatics. Through practical examples, exercises, and detailed discussions, this course equips participants with the requisite knowledge and tools to address intricate biological challenges and amplify their contributions to the field.


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