Exercise 88

Write a Python script that takes as input a string s and which returns the first repeated word within the string s. Example: if s = "python programming language, is the most popular programming language", this algorithm returns the word: 'programming'


Python function to achieve this task using a dictionary 
to keep track of the words encountered so far
def first_repeated_word(s):
    # Split the string into words
    words = s.split()
    # Create an empty dictionary to store word frequencies
    word_freq = {}
    # Iterate through each word in the string
    for word in words:
        # If the word is already in the dictionary, return it
        if word in word_freq:
            return word
        # Otherwise, add the word to the dictionary with a frequency of 1
            word_freq[word] = 1
    # If no repeated word is found, return None
    return None

# Example usage
s = "python programming language, is the most popular programming language"
print("The first repeated word is : " , first_repeated_word(s))  # Output: programming
# output: The first repeated word is :  programming


Younes Derfoufi

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