Currently being deployed, the OxygenOS 5.1.6 update brings some new features to the OnePlus 6.
At the presentation of the OnePlus 6 in London, Carl Pei announced a portrait mode for the front camera, the possibility for the OnePlus 6, through an algorithmic processing, to blur the background of a selfie, creating a similar bokeh effect. Despite a demonstration on stage, the function was not expected to be available at the launch of the smartphone. The latest update of OxygenOS (5.1.6), the operating system derived from Android finally makes the front portrait mode accessible.
Percentage of battery, do not disturb and auto response.

This feature is not the only novelty of OxygenOS 5.1.6, which also provides some settings we can not welcome. First of them: the possibility to display the percentage of the battery directly in the status bar, which had disappeared with the appearance of the notch of the OnePlus 6. It was all the more regrettable that it remained clearly enough room to display it.
Another novelty: the ability to automatically start the "Do not disturb" mode at a specific time. A function similar to what Android P will propose this fall. "Smart answer for Bluetooth" mode automatically answers calls when a device is connected, such as a hands-free car kit or headset. Finally, OnePlus corrects a bug related to the simultaneous use of two SIM cards, which could prevent one of the cards from working properly.
Currently being deployed, OxygenOS 5.1.6 is not yet available for all OnePlus smartphone owners. To save time, you can always force the update by installing Oxygen Updater on the Play Store or by using a VPN set to Germany as the country of connection. The update is fully deployed.

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