Hackers have just released a complete jailbreak for the 5.05 firmware version of the game console.
The little world of gamers-hackers is boiling. The hacker Specter has released a "full implementation" of hacking the PS4 version 5.05.

The source code is available on GitHub. The jailbreak is very simple to implement: just visit a web page. This hack makes it possible to run any code on the game console, with the privileges of the kernel. This opens the way to the installation of homebrew games and other types of applications, while taking advantage of a relatively recent version of the firmware. The latest firmware version of the PS4 is 5.55 and dated May 17, 2018.
This implementation is based on the work of Luca Todesco, aka "qwertyoruiop", who had already managed to break the firmware version 4.55 of the console and who has returned to the turbine "out of trouble," as he explains in a presentation technique of his hack.

On YouTube, many people are already offering tutorials to update the console to version 5.05. Some also offer the sale of consoles with the right firmware version. Indeed, the purchase of a new PS4 will not make this hack, because it will probably have a higher version of the firmware.

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