Several months after its announcement, the macOS version of Messenger is finally available on the Mac App Store.
Over the years, Facebook Messenger has established itself as one of the most popular messaging services in the world. Over a billion people use it every month, which puts the app right behind WhatsApp, also owned by Facebook.
A few hours after launching a new, lighter version of Messenger on iOS and Android, Facebook has just published a desktop version of Facebook Messenger on the Mac App Store. No need to go through your browser to reply to a message.

During the presentation of Messenger for Mac during the F8 conference, Facebook had not given any release date. Many then suspected the social network of waiting for the launch of macOS Catalina, compatible with Catalyst apps (iOS applications ported Mac) to launch its new application.
It is ultimately nothing since Messenger for Mac is classic software. It is compatible with Macs from macOS 10.10 (fire OS X) but supports some new features such as the dark theme.

The arrival of an official Facebook Messenger application on Mac marks the end of third-party applications like Goofy which have been trying to fill this gap for several years. Now hope that Facebook updates its software regularly.

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