AirPods delight iPhone users. But Apple's Bluetooth headphones are also usable on Android. The basic features are supported by default, and some applications provide access to little more headphones.

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The Apple AirPods may be thought for iOS devices, they are primarily Bluetooth headphones all that is standard. To associate them with your Android smartphone, simply place them in their case and long press the button on the back of it. They are now detectable.

Once paired, you can use the double tap on one of the headphones to pause the music or take a call. On the other hand, the sensors detecting their presence in your ears are not operational: you can not pause the music automatically.

Apps for additional features

Two applications allow to unlock the "advanced" features of AirPods. "AirBattery" displays the battery level of each earpiece, as well as the charging box, in a window similar to that of iOS or in notifications. The latest version also fills the lack of detection of headphones to pause the music.

Trigger Assistant provides the ability to assign the double tap to the launch of Google Assistant. You will not be able, as on iOS, to independently assign the functions to each headset, and the assistant is not available when you listen to music. An option, reserved for the paid version of the app, determines that the first double tap pauses the music, and the second launches the wizard.

Source  : Futura tech

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