Facebook's instant messenger can now translate messages from English to Spanish in one click.
Thanks to Messenger, you will soon have a brain drain to remind you of your English and Spanish classes to talk to your friends. Indeed, Facebook has just started the implementation of automatic translation in Messenger, a function announced during the last F8 conference. For the moment only the translation from Spanish into English - and vice versa - has been integrated.

Available only in the United States and Mexico right now, the M Translation feature has been added to the set of smart suggestions already in Messenger. Concretely, Messenger will now be able to identify if you receive a message in a language that is not the one you use by default in your conversations, and you will therefore propose to automatically translate the received messages.
Already present on the Marketplace, the machine translation is therefore his big entry into Messenger, although it remains relatively limited for the moment, since only two languages ​​are supported. But Facebook has announced work to add new languages.

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