With IGTV and its creators of content, Instagram wants to popularize long-term vertical videos.
In early June, information from the very serious Wall Street Journal said that Instagram plans to break the time limit of its videos to allow up to one hour of image. It turns out that the rumor was true, but it was only the submerged part of the iceberg. Because Instagram actually launches IGTV, a new application devoted to long format videos.
Intended for creators of content on Instagram, IGTV also aims to compete with Youtube and of course Snapchat. As announced by the rumor, it will be possible to download on IGTV videos lasting up to an hour. And this one will only be in vertical format. Because IGTV wants to be oriented towards a mobile use in priority. Even if IGTV will exist as a separate application, it will of course be possible to watch the videos directly on the Instagram application.

As explained in the announcement, IGTV has been designed to be used a little like a TV: you launch the application and the viewing can begin without you having to search what whatever, since IGTV uses the same content you follow on Instagram. You can of course "zap" between the chains of the creators and discover new contents via the proposals and the research.
IGTV will be available on Android and iOS "in the coming weeks", but now you can discover longer videos on Instagram.

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