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If you are running Windows Vista and planning to upgrade latest Windows 7 operating system then VPC is the best way to install. It is recommended to use Virtual PC to install Windows 7 on already running Windows Vista machine. For those who are not aware, Microsoft Virtual PC allows you run multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same computer system.

Well the installation of Windows 7 on the virtual PC is pretty easy; but before that you'll need to create a virtual machine to run Windows 7. Follow the given steps to create a virtual machine:
STEP 1. Download and install Virtual PC from the Internet. Run the Virtual PC software by typing VPC in Vista Start menu search box and press enter.
STEP 2. Click on "New" option and click "Next" to continue. Next choose "Create a virtual machine" option from the available three options.
STEP 3. Now type a name for the new virtual machine. The file will be automatically saved to the My Virtual Machines folder. To save it to a different place, click on "Browse" button.
STEP 4. On next screen select "A new virtual hard disk" and once again "click" button.
STEP 5. Click finish button. A small window will appear called "VPC Console". Click on "Start" button to begin the actual process.
Follow the given steps to install Windows 7 on VPC:
STEP 1. Insert your Windows 7 DVD in to DVD drive and press enter when VPC console prompts this window. (No need to reboot your system. System will be restarted inside the console).
STEP 2. You will see the Windows 7 installing environment inside the console.
STEP 3. Install the Windows 7 inside the console with the default Windows 7 installing instructions. Once you're done with installation, you can install all the essential programs for your Windows 7.
STEP 4. You can close the VPC with a simple click on the "close" (top right) button.
STEP 5. To run Windows 7 once again, type "Virtual PC" (without quotes) in the Start menu and select your Virtual Windows 7 from the box and click "Start".

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