Windows operating system is the most widely used system on computers where it is estimated that the 90% of machines are runing on windows.
To install this system on your computer, you need to have  a CD / DVD  that contains a copy of Windows 7. 

Here I will explain to you how to install windows 7 on your PC
Get started now with the way:

1. You must at first  be seized settings to boot from your CD through the BIOS.

2. Enter the CD / DVD of Windows 7 in the drive and restart your machine.

3. You will see black screen Containing a message : Press any key to boot from CD or DVD....

 4 - Press then any key to continue and Wait begin installing Windows on your machine
You will see appear a  window asking you to choose your language your time zone ...
5 - After making your choice, click on the next button
6 - Click on  Install Now
7 - Accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next
7 - Now choose Custum ( advanced )

8 - Now, to partition the hard drive, click on  New and  Select then  the size which you want to allocate to the partition
9 - At this point you can install Windows directly in the selected location by default, or you click advanced drive  options to make new partitions, or format any existing partitions ...
By clicking on the Nest button You get then :

10 - Now you will have to wait about 30 minutes or more depending on the speed of your processor, and at the end of the installation, the system restarts automatically by asking you to enter your username, your password...

11 -  You get then your pretty start page of Windows 7:
 Congratulation !

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