To make his Live more interactive, Facebook has added polls and quizzes
On Facebook, live videos are a hit with users and publishers. To surf the wave of success, the social network wants to add interactivity. Creators can embed polls and quizzes in real time.
With these interactive features, Facebook wants to reward creators of content, like YouTube. This is the role of a service named Brand Collabs Manager. Publishers can access a publicity and paid subscription manager. This is also where interactions are handled during live video. Spectators can be asked to guess what's inside a box, or challenge Live participants to answer questions in real time. It is even possible to allow them to earn money in these interactive quizzes.

According to Facebook, watching a video is not necessarily a passive, one-way activity. To get out of traditional formats of online video, the network has gone through the standards of television: television games and reality TV, where viewers are invited to participate in the programs. With the strength of the social network, all Facebook Live participants can now interact with content to actively influence content. The announcement of these features (link in English) has allowed Facebook to remember the importance placed on the video. To access features, publishers must go through a special form on Facebook.

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