In Amazon's footsteps, Microsoft is working on a software solution for non-cash supermarkets.
According to Microsoft would have launched a project dedicated to connected commerce. The goal is to develop a technology capable of removing crates and queues in supermarkets. This is a reminder of Amazon Go ...

According to information collected by Reuters, Microsoft engineers are working on several separate projects. Among them, one is particularly promising: it is able to scan objects deposited in a caddy, thanks to the presence of a connected camera. Several prototypes have been presented to chain stores around the world. There is also talk of creating a device capable of automating all store equipment. Possible collaboration with Walmart would be under discussion. The initiative seems logical. It allows Microsoft to counter Amazon, which had bought Whole Foods Market to integrate into the physical trade.

At Microsoft, 10 to 15 people would be assigned to connected commerce projects, directly related to Satya Nadella, the general manager. As for Redmond, Microsoft's Retail Experience Center is already demonstrating automatic cash registers. After the launch of Amazon Go and its expansion to 6 new stores in the United States by the end of 2018, the automation of retail is entering a phase of acceleration.

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