In addition to Cortana, virtual assistants from Amazon and Google may soon arrive on the Xbox.
Since Microsoft dropped its Kinect camera at the end of last year, nothing has actually been done to command the Xbox One vocally. Admittedly, you can use the headset to talk to Cortana, the assistant made in Microsoft, but it's not really practical if you just want to watch a movie from your console. But Microsoft could be a solution: to call on the assistants of its competitors.

According to a well-informed source of the Windows Central site (link in English), the next "build" version of the Xbox One operating system will enable digital assistants from the menu dedicated to Kinect. Cortana, of course, but also Google's Assistant or Alexa from Amazon. Once the application is installed and the service connected, it would be possible to activate certain commands of the console by addressing its connected speaker.
At the moment, there is nothing to say what features and voice commands available, and even if some people already imagine to revive voice commands forgotten with Kinect, we can at least hope to control the playback of film and music .
Another question mark is the arrival of this feature on the console and the official announcement date. If the big Xbox updates are planned for the fall, we can imagine that the compatibility with the wizards of Google and Amazon is announced at the E3.

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