The section dedicated to Android tablets has disappeared from the Google site. Chrome OS should then take over for this kind of use.
It just disappeared from the Android site. The tablet section no longer exists on Google's mobile operating system site. Only the sections devoted to smartphones, Wear, Auto, TV and businesses remain.

Until now, the tab Tablets showed several copies of them like the Shield of Nvidia or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, reports Android Police. If we try to go to the topic by its direct URL, we are redirected then to the homepage of the Android site.

Android P compatible with no tablet

This is a very bad sign for the tablet version of the OS and follows another surprise. Last March, the developers could see that Android P was compatible with absolutely no tablet on the market, including Pixel C.
Google should now favor Chrome OS for this kind of devices. Chrome OS is already used on several machines, from classic laptop to hybrid, like the latest HP Chromebook x2.

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