Meizu is one of China’s fastest-growing smartphone manufacturing companies. This company is mainly releasing smartphones, though they did introduce some other tech gadgets as well. Meizu had introduced a number of smartphones in 2016, and their latest device landed yesterday, the Meizu M3E. That being said, Meizu still did not release a smartwatch, but if latest rumors and leaks are to be believed, they might introduce such a device in the near future. Now, today’s leak definitely adds more fuel to the fire, read on.

Meizu’s alleged smartwatch surfaced last month, and the device’s alleged metal band with Meizu’s branding landed about a week ago. Well, if you take a look at the provided image, you’ll get to see yet another real life image showing off the company’s upcoming smartwatch. Now, this watch is also circular, and it is made out of metal, but its button on the side are somewhat different than the ones on last month’s image. The device that surfaced last month had three seemingly physical keys on the right, while today’s watch has two it seems, and one of them is rather wide. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the front side of this watch, but you can clearly see Meizu’s branding on the back, even though the logo is not exactly centered, which makes us wonder how legit this image is. If you look at the button the side, you’ll see that the Meizu branding is somewhat off, presuming that the button is centered. Keeping that in mind, this watch, be it a Meizu-branded smartwatch or not, has easily replaceable watch bands, similar to the ones on the Moto 360 2nd-gen it seems, and it also comes with a leather band.

Meizu did not confirm that they’ll introduce a smartwatch this year, but they did kind of tease one on several occasions, or at least it seemed like it. Either way, if the company plans to introduce such a product, we can expect plenty more leaks to come our way, and as it’s usually the case, we’ll make sure to share them with you so that we can get to the bottom of this, stay tuned.

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