learn to Code Python, one among state-of-the-art maximum in-call for programming languages on-the-cross

this is a totally offline app created for python inexperienced persons to examine python at the move with none information connectivity , this app is a completely offline app which includes all of the essential principles of python proper from the simple to advanced. the tutorials interior
The app also has some practice programs for the user to brush his/her principles.
So, you have by no means programmed before in Python. then this App is for you.

the app are divided in two sections primary and superior. simple educational consists of subject matter consisting of:

-> records of python
->Conditional Statements
->Variables and Loops
and plenty of more...

Advance tutorial phase includes:
->functions and techniques
->OOP ideas
->Inheritance and multilevel Inheritance

And many extra....
The learn how to Code (Python) direction covers the following subjects:
• Python basics
• information types
• control systems
• functions and Modules
• Exceptions
• operating with documents
• purposeful Programming
• item-orientated Programming
• ordinary Expressions
hello world!
- Variables and types
- Lists
- basic Operators
- String Formatting
- basic String Operations
- situations
- Loops
- capabilities
- instructions and objects
- Dictionaries
- Modules and programs
• ...and even extra!

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