Before you start programming Mod, I advise you to check that a simple program in Kotlin compiles and runs well from your environment.
There are different ways to create your first project "Helloo World!" kotlin, so different IDEs can be used. We will see an example with the Intellij IDE

Step 1: Download and install a JDK environment

Step 2: Download and install IDE Intellij community free and open source

Step 3: Create your first program "Hello World !" with IDE Intellij

With IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1, here are the steps to follow. First of all create a new Java project with Kotlin support. In this new project, provide information about the Java environment and the Kotlin compiler used. The Project SDK may be empty if you create a project for the first time. Select "New ...", then "JDK" and point to the directory containing a Java Developement Kit installation on your computer.

Now launche your Ide Intellij and click on  Create new project

Then choose Kotlin project type and select the Ktlin / JVM  option :

Now choose a name and select location of your project, then click Finish

By clicking on finish, you get the following window which is empty by default and it only shows the project's arboressence. To create your first project, you must create new Kotlin file by clicking right on source folder src, and choosing  New --> Kotlin file.

At this moment, we will type a code displaying the message "Hello World!", for that we are obliged to use the main() function, because without this, no program Kotlin can be executed.

To execute this code, click on the green triangle button :

Younes Derfoufi

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