A new form of commerce has emerged in recent years and become essential in e-commerce, it is the drop shipping. Nowadays, this new way is very effective for getting into e-commerce. Everyday, e-commerce sites devoted to this are flourishing every day. By cons, have you ever heard of it? Do you know what a drop shipping site is? If you do not know it yet, it's a good time to find out.

Drop shipping?

Firstly, it seems necessary to define what is the drop shipping for those who would not yet know this new form of trade.
Drop shipping is a selling method where the consumer, or the customer, places an order on a merchant's website and it is the latter who communicates it to the supplier in order to deliver the product. The supplier is also responsible for inventory management. In other words to explain it well, the merchant sells a product without having it in stock, it is the supplier who has it. Thus, the e-merchant is simply happy to sell and subcontract logistics.

How is the e-commerce drop shipping?

As briefly mentioned above, the main attraction is to start distributing products on a website, without paying a dime, because the trader does not have the products physically. So of course we will have to agree with the supplier and that it offers the dropshipping. If you want to practice this type of business and you are a beginner, do not worry, here is a presentation of the main elements to put in place.


One of the biggest steps, looking for reliable suppliers. Although most are called dropshipper, but in the end they are just intermediates too. Without being scammed, it is necessary to adapt a strategy to distinguish real professionals on dropshipping. Plus, having a good dropshipping provider is not enough. But accompanied by good product, the result will be surprising. So, select the best suppliers and also the best product categories to attract more customers.


Since the democratization of e-commerce it is less and less expensive to set up an e-commerce site (1490 € ht a site with all integrated products). It is therefore easier now to sell your products on the web. As a result, you do not need to waste time sourcing suppliers, but in a few clicks your goods are ready to be sold. In addition, you will not have to worry about the stock by delegating the logistics. You can thus market hundreds of different products on your site without immobilizing cash in the purchase of the stock.


A very important step that should not be neglected is the SEO of your e-commerce site. Whether natural or paid, the goal is to drive more traffic on search engines, and convert visitors into potential customers. A point not to neglect in the realization of your project, for a guaranteed effect! So, do SEO so that your website is positioned in the first pages of the search engines. But given the number of sites in this area, you need an SEO expert for a guaranteed success (or training).
As with any commercial project, dropshipping is not enough on its own. You have to invest in the long term with an effective marketing strategy.

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