The WordPress CMS uses MySQL which is a free, free and widely used relational database management system. WordPress can thus store and retrieve the information present on the website through several tables present as soon as the content management system is installed.

1 - About this tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how to:

  1. Install Local Web Server Uwamp
  2. Create database in phpMyAdmin of local web server  Uwamp
  3. Download and install the CMS WordPress on local Web server Uwamp

2 - What is WordPress CMS

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. This software written in PHP is based on a MySQL database and is distributed by the American company Automattic. WordPress features allow it to create and manage different types of websites:

  • showcase site, 
  • online sales site, 
  • application site, 
  • blog and portfolio. 

It is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL license.
Currently, WordPress is used by 40% of websites worldwide, its direct competitors are 3% (Joomla) and 2% (Drupal) while 41% of websites are do not use a content management system.

3 - Install Local Web Server Uwamp

To make it simple and easy for beginners, we have chosen to present this paragraph as a video tutorial:

4 - Install WordPress on local web server Uwamp

Now after installing the local web server Uwamp, we can easily install ordpress CMS on it:

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