1. About hyperlinks

In order to facilitate navigation from page to page on the web, the HTML language offers us the possibility of creating links called HTML hypertext links. It is an element (image, text, etc.) which includes a link to another specific object (internal page to the site, external page, an image, another text, etc.), and as soon as you click on it, it sends you to that specific object.

2. Link to a URL address

An html hyperlink is defined by the tags

<a href="..."> and </a>


<a href="destination URL address">...</a>

Example (external link to wikipedia)

<a href="https://www.wikipedia.org/">Click here to access wikipedia</a>

Which displays in the browser: Click here to access wikipedia 


Sometimes we want to put a tooltip on the link to provide a link page informations, for this we use the command:

title="tooltip text"


<a href="https://www.wikipedia.org/" title="This is a link to wikipedia">Click here to go to wikipedia</a>


3. Link to a file

The HTML language also offers the possibility of creating a hypertext link to a local or remote file by indicating the full path of the file including its name and its extension. Thus the Html code of the link to a file will be of the form:

<a href="path/filename.extension">...</a>

4. Link to E-mail box

With the HTML language, you can also create links to an email box using the following syntax:

<a href="mailto:destination email address?">Contact</a>

Example: (link to the email address webmaster@tresfacile.net)


lt;a href="mailto:webmaster@tresfacile.net?">Write to the webmaster</a>

Which displays: Write to the webmaster

5. Link in the same page

Sometimes we want to create a hypertext link to another part of the text located on the same page, such as for example top of page or similar something... To achieve this, position yourself at the place you want to reach, for example back to top Enter markup:

<div id="identifier">your text or you can leave it blank</div>

Then enter the markup:

<A href="#identifier">start of page</a>

Younes Derfoufi
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