First details regarding of the upcoming 3rd generation Moto E have surfaced thanks to import documents on Zauba. Codenamed "Affinity", the phone is listed to have a 5" display and a price of just $78.

While it's clear that this price isn't the device's retail one, it's an indication that the "Affinity" is a low-budget device. The current Moto E (2nd gen) sports a 4.5" display, so the upcoming model will presumably grow in size.

Presumably, the Moto E (3rd gen) will be larger in order to accommodate a fingerprint scanner. As a Lenovo exec said earlier in January, all 2016 Moto devices will have fingerprint scanners. Hopefully, the latest Moto E won't be an exception.

Recent information suggests that Motorola prepares to announce the Moto G5 and G4 Plus on June 9. We wouldn't be surprised if the Moto E (3rd gen) too gets a place under the spotlights then.


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