Exercise 45

Write a python algorithm as a function which takes as parameters a string characters s and which returns another string obtained from s by replacing all the uppercase characters by the diese char '#'.


def replace_uppercase_with_hashtag(s):
    # Create an empty string to store the new string
    new_s = ""
    # Iterate over each character in the input string
    for char in s:
        # If the character is uppercase, replace it with "#"
        if char.isupper():
            new_s += "#"
        # Otherwise, keep the original character
            new_s += char
    # Return the new string
    return new_s
# Example
input_str = "Hello World!"
output_str = replace_uppercase_with_hashtag(input_str)
print(output_str) # Output: "#ello #orld!"

In this example:

  • the function takes the input string "Hello World!"
  • and returns a new string "#ello #orld!" where all the uppercase characters have been replaced by the "#" character.


Younes Derfoufi

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