If you enjoyed Star Wars: The Force Awakens when it came out in theaters last December, chances are good that you picked up either the Blu-ray or the Digital HD version of the film when it came out earlier this month.

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Unfortunately, despite all of the deleted scenes and bonus features on the home release, there’s no commentary to speak of, which is why Will Sasso of Mad TV fame decided to provide a track of his own on Instagram this week.

Oh, and he did the track as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sasso, who might be best known at the moment for his Ten Minute Podcast, has always been an outstanding impersonator. Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of his best known characters, making regular appearances on his Vine and Instagram account, as well as a guest on his podcast.

Why exactly we needed a Schwarzenegger commentary track for The Force Awakens I’ll never know, but now that we have it, I never want it to go away. You can watch the short video below, but there’s some NSFW language, so you might want to put on a pair of headphones before you start watching:

Hopefully we’ll get more commentary after Rogue One launches later this year.

Source : http://bgr.com

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