The Sims Mobile is the official mobile adaptation proposed by EA to allow you to plunge back into the universe of the famous simulation franchise life. The Sims Mobile is inspired directly from the game The Sims 4 on PC, especially the Legacy Challenge.

In The Sims Mobile, you are invited to create a personality unique to your Sims and their habitat. Build houses, have them interact with other Sims to establish new relationships that will allow you to unlock rewards.
The Sims you can imagine can be fully customized: clothes, hairstyles, accessories, add different personality traits to your characters and choose them career goals. Build a house in which they can get everything they need. Personalize the interior decoration and unlock activities to evolve your characters.

In The Sims Mobile, you have the power to shape the families of your Sims over several generations. So, once your Sims have reached their career goal, they will retire and you will be rewarded with inheritances through which you can unlock recreation and careers for the next generation. An ancestor's career has a direct bearing on the future of the future generation.

Create an incredible party atmosphere and dance the night away with the new update!

Play the most popular life simulation game in the world!

This application offers integrated purchases. You can disable them in your device settings.

Create unique Sims, build them dream homes and make them live any way you want!

• Customize different Sims and dress them up with hundreds of stylish outfits
• Make them fall in love, get married and have babies
• Discover every step of life, from babies to seniors ... and everything in between
• Build dream homes and decorate them with thousands of different objects
• Lead exciting quests that unlock new places in your city
• Take care of adorable and magical animals
• Experience the story of your Sims and play as you like
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