About Astro File Manager for Android

Astro File Manager is as its name suggests, an Android application to open and manage files on your smartphone or tablet. Astro is able to open files of different types such as images, music, videos or documents like PDF.
Astro File Manager is not limited to files stored locally on your device since the application offers the ability to connect your online storage space like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, but also Facebook on which it will recover The photos to display them as albums on Android. This file manager is also capable of compressing folders and files in ZIP format.
Use the simplest and most powerful file manager - this new version is now free of ads!
The ASTRO file manager is the easiest way to browse, organize, download and share your files, whether stored locally or in the cloud.
All your files are on hand - whether stored on SD card, internal memory of your smartphone, Dropbox account, Google Drive, Facebook, Box, Microsoft OneDrive or on local networks - PC, Mac and Linux.

Key Features:

Managing Cloud Backups - With ASTRO CLOUD HOPPING (C), you can move files between your different cloud storage spaces with just one click.
Search, copy, save, move, delete and share files stored on SD, LAN, SMB (Samba) or cloud.
Simple navigation between your files - browse your files by category directly from the home screen: images, video, music, applications, downloaded, favorite and recent. Create favorites to find your files faster.
Play multimedia files: Listen to music, watch videos, open documents, images, or photos stored in any of your cloud accounts.
Compress and decompress files - compress files to save disk space and unzip files in Zip and RAR format.
Downloading files and opening files directly from the Web; One of the best ways to grow to your favorite games.

Advanced Features:

• SD Card Management - allows you to manage your disk space, delete files and easily free memory.
• Task Manager - to stop processes that consume a lot of battery power.
• App Manager - to manage all your apps in one place, uninstall them and back them up easily.
ASTRO is the best file manager when your network coverage is low.


This new version is without any advertising!

Use :

To see a full tutorial, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir6Gl2quo50


If you are having problems downloading or using ASTRO, please feel free to email us at support@metago.net or check out our forums http://support.metago.net/forumsi that can compress files and folders ZIP format.


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