Do you have valuables you want to get rid of? Then the Catawiki Sell auction application is for you. With more than 300 weekly auctions this is the most prosperous in Europe.

With Catawiki Sell, there are no less than 80 categories, from simple books and jewelry, to Fashion to vintage cars, Design, Art, Wine, and other musical instruments and flea markets.
To do this, simply choose the sale in which you wish to propose your objects, describe your lot as much as possible, attach images that are legible to your description and submit your lot to the various auctioneer experts for evaluation. Once your batch has been approved, the Catawiki Sell expert will send you a message once your batch goes on sale.

You only send your items once the buyer has paid for his purchases. Only Catawiki Sell manages payments between buyers and sellers.

Catawiki - Weekly auctions of exceptional items

Catawiki is the most successful online auction site in Europe.
With over 300 weekly auctions in more than 80 categories: Books, Fashion, Jewelry, Stamps, Vintage cars, Whiskey, Design, Art, Wine, Ceramics, Musical instruments, Secondhand and other, Catawiki is the leading selling platform Of collectibles. With the Catawiki Seller application, you can offer your exceptional items for sale anytime, anywhere.

Catawiki - Selling your items in our auctions

- Choose the sale in which you wish to propose your objects
- Describe your lot as well as possible. Attach images that can be read to your description
- Submit your lot to our expert auctioneers for evaluation

Once your batch is approved, the expert will send you a message that your batch is now ready for our auctions.
Catawiki auctions open every Friday, and end on a specific evening of the following week. Sales are supervised by specialized experts, guaranteeing high quality and varied sales lists.

About Catawiki

- 12 million visitors each month
- Specialist Experts
- Secure payment (easy to use)
- Worldwide expedition

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