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Friendly is a free application to use Facebook and Facebook Messenger on your Android smartphone. The application relies on Facebook's mobile web interface and loads your news feed as quickly as the native application. Thanks to Friendly, you can save space on the storage of your device, but also and especially to preserve the autonomy of your battery.
Friendly integrates multi-client support to allow you to manage your different profiles from a single device without having to log out. The news feed can be organized to display the most recent posts first. You do not need an additional application to use Messenger since the instant messaging module of Facebook is directly integrated with Friendly, as it is on the mobile social network site.

Friendly makes it a point of honor to preserve your privacy by allowing you to configure an application access code that can be replaced by the fingerprint sensor when your device is compatible. The application allows to do everything that the mobile site allows, namely to post photos and videos or to share publications with your friends.

Finally, Friendly is totally customizable. For each account set in the application, it is possible to apply a different color theme to help you manage the contents of your different accounts more easily.

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