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Looking for a collaborative recipient platform for the corporate world? Then the Place to Work application by Facebook is for you. Launched by the first social network in the world, this one has upset the highly competitive market of communication and social network in the company.

With Workplace by Facebook you will be able to access different groups, newsfeeds, events, more and more, and above all Exchange and track all your colleges with instant video, audio or text discussions . Benefiting from a fast mainstream price of knowledge that most users of the famous mainstream social network, this one is a tremor of most competitors.

Available in a free trial version of three months, in line with the company between $ 1 and $ 3 per user per month.
Si votre entreprise utilise Workplace, utilisez cette app pour accéder à votre compte existant et suivre toutes vos discussions de groupe.

Want your company to join Workplace? Search for "Workplace de Facebook" in your browser to learn more.

Workplace connects all employees in your organization to implement their ideas. Through group discussions, a personalized news feed, voice and video calls, work together and more effectively.

• Work from anywhere: Switch from your computer to your smartphone or tablet without a hitch.
• Work in groups: Create unlimited project or team groups for each branch, department or campaign.
• Secure Sharing: Independent security audits are conducted to allow you to collaborate with confidence.

Workplace is a space without ads, separate from your personal Facebook account.

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