Apache OpenOffice
OpenOffice an open source alternative
We no longer present OpenOffice.org, the free and free office suite. Originally published by Sun and passed to Oracle, OpenOffice.org is now developed by the Apache Foundation.

The project consists in developing a free and free office suite, combining word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tool, and to associate open, interoperable file formats that do not depend on a single editor. OpenOffice.org also aims to provide a level of functionality and comfort sufficient for most users, whether individuals, businesses or public organizations.

OpenOffice a complete office suite
OpenOffice.org has long been considered the most credible free alternative to Microsoft Office. Among other advantages, the following is the advantage of managing the proprietary formats of Microsoft (.docx for example), to work on different platforms (Windows or GNU / Linux), and to guarantee the interoperability of the recorded files according to its formats native (ODF or OpenDocument Format).

OpenOffice is also surrounded by a set of themes, document templates and extensions, which allow to customize the interface or to extend the functionality. The software is translated into many languages, including French.

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