We all wrote a WhatsApp message that we would have preferred never to send. You know that kind of message just shipped already regretted. In these cases, we would like to be able to go back and make this moment never existed. If you can not go back in time, here is a trick to delete a WhatsApp message before it is read by your contact.

Cancel sending a message on WhatsApp

You too, always want to hurry, so sometimes you forget to check the name of the recipient or the content of your messages? That the one who has never mistakenly sent an embarrassing message to his leader, his ex or a member of his family throws me the first stone.

We do not always realize it but a simple click on the send button of his favorite IM application is sometimes enough to tip a life in the nightmare. Obviously when this kind of situation occurs, we are totally helpless. One wonders why the developers have not yet set up an option to cancel sending a message.

You have 7 minutes to clear a message on WhatsApp

And if your dream came true? Good news, thanks to the new function set up by WhatsApp, you will be able to remotely erase all messages sent by mistake or on a whim.

Attention, to take advantage of this new feature, you will still have to meet three conditions. First, your contact needs a recent version of the WhatsApp app. Second, the deletion must be done within 7 minutes after sending the message. And of course it is absolutely necessary that the contact has not read it yet. But hey, that makes sense.

Cancel sending a WhatsApp message

How it works ? Nothing's easier. On the other hand, it will be necessary to be fast. As we saw above, you can delete messages only seven minutes after they are sent. Once this time is exceeded, it is theoretically impossible to do so. But rest assured, there is a method to work around this restriction.

  • Launch the WhatsApp Messenger app
  • Open the discussion containing the message you want to delete
  • Then leave your finger pressed on the conversion to be erased
  • Click on the Delete option at the top of the screen (bin icon)
  • Then select the delete option for everyone

Your message will not disappear completely from the other person's thread. The content will be replaced by the following: This message has been removed. Warning, WhatsApp specifies that in case of error during the removal process you will not receive any alert message.

Remember that this operation only works with the latest versions of WhatsApp. If someone in your newsgroup has not updated their email application for a while, the message may not be erased from their smartphone.

What about WhatsApp notifications?

As you most certainly know, Android users can decide to view the content of incoming messages directly in the notification bar of their phone. If your WhatsApp contact had their smartphone in their hand when they sent your message, they may have had time to read it or at least read some of it.

Also keep in mind that the removal of a message can raise doubts among those around you. You will have to prepare yourself for an interrogation. It's up to you to be convincing in your explanations. A lie can not be improvised.

How to override the 7 minute limit

WhatsApp has set the time limit for a message to be completely arbitrary at 7 minutes. However smart little discovered a manipulation to circumvent this device. Be careful, the procedure detailed below does not work on all smartphones.

  • Turn on airplane mode on your smartphone
  • Disable also the Wi-Fi connection
  •  Open your phone's settings
  • Click Apps
  • Select from the WhatsApp list
  • Click the Force Shutdown button
  • Return to the settings homepage
  • Tap Date and Time
  • Disable Automatic Time Mode
  • Click on the option to set the time and enter a time of a few minutes before sending your message
  • Launch WhatsApp and delete the message following the procedure detailed above
  • Connect your smartphone to the internet
  • Restart WhatsApp several times until you see the message indicating a synchronization error
  • Synchronize your phone
  • Wait a few minutes and reset the time in the settings

Younes Derfoufi

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