0 - Ionic Framework in a nutshell

Ionic is an open-source framework created in 2013 by Max Lynch, Ben Sperry, and Adam Bradley. Two different versions are available, incompatible with each other: the first version, 1.3 is based on AngularJS 1.5 while version 3.5 is based on Angular 4 and TypeScript.

1 - What is Ionic Framework?

Ionic Framework is a mix of tools and technologies to develop hybrid mobile applications quickly and easily. It relies on AngularJS for the web application part of the framework and on Cordova for the construction part of the native applications. This open source framework makes it possible to develop a deployable application on several environments such as a website or a mobile application for systems such as Android or iOS or Windows Phone ...

2 - Ionic 1.x 

Initially, the first version of ionic integrates AngularJS 1.x, which means that it is equipped with a javascript engine that interprets the javascript code written by the programmer.

3 - Ionic 2.x 

In version 2.0, ionic integrates Angular 23 which is equipped with a TypeScript to JavaScript conversion engine, allowing the programmer to write its code in TypeScript. This allows programmers to better understand the code made by someone else.

The performance of Ionic 2 is significantly improved. The applications are much more fluid than those compiled by Ionic.

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