Would the Switch be on the verge of finally getting rich with streaming service and video on demand apps? Possible, if we believe a screenshot made on the American website Best Buy.
The Nintendo Switch has undeniable assets as a game console but, what is sorely lacking, it is an arsenal of multimedia apps. Enjoying a movie or a series on the console 720p screen is the dream of many users, functions claimed by the community.

Will the Switch finally be matched with the PS4 and Xbox One?
The screaming may have reached Big N's ears. In any case, this is a screenshot taken on the site of the American brand Best Buy and posted by the user DevCakes of Reddit think. It clearly shows the Netflix, YouTube and Hulu logos in the commercial description of the console.
A "sea snake" that often comes back since the launch of the console but that surfaced just hours from the Nintendo Direct conference of the US video game show, the E3 2018. Admit that there is reason to believe that the coincidence might not be so "fortuitous" as it seems.

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