The social network of Mark Zuckerberg launches Facebook Memories, a section in which memories, key dates and summary videos will mix. Memories will replace "That day".
Facebook is a place where the news of your friends follows in real time, but could soon turn into a gallery of memories. With Facebook Memories, the social network aims to offer a place to play with your emotions. Good times, photos, anniversaries and commemorative videos ... Memories should incorporate a lot of old content, and encourage you to share it again with your friends.

Since 2015, Facebook offers "That day" (or On This Day), a section in which appears all your activity on the site on a specific date, but on different years. For example, this June 12, 2018 will appear all the friends you made yourself on June 12, the photos and videos you took on that date, and the publications you published or that a friend wrote on your timeline. Every day, 90 million users view this section according to Facebook.
With Memories, Facebook will complete the section "That day". Through messages or short videos, the social network will create monthly or seasonal summaries of your life to appeal to your emotions. Another novelty: the memories that do not date from the same day but that you had not consulted will also find refuge in the section, which should be richer than the one to which it succeeds. Facebook says that its algorithm is able to recognize bad memories or those you do not want to see, and that it will automatically filter them. We want to see...
In a few days, the function Memories will replace "That day" both in the web version of Facebook in the mobile application. Regulars of the section should not be turned upside down, and others should be encouraged to discover it through notifications. A good way for Facebook to improve its image after the recent scandals on the use of data?

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