Intel, the major US semiconductor company, announced in early June that it is working on a Core i9 series processor with up to 28 cores and could expect a frequency of 5 GHz. The new chip would score 7334 on the Cinebench benchmark. It was scheduled for the end of this year 2018. But Intel forgot to mention an important detail. 5 GHz processors have been overclocked, that is, they have been manipulated to increase the frequency of the clock signal beyond the nominal frequency.

Outputs from the factory, these chips are not at 5 GHz frequency and a complex cooling system capable of withstanding thermal loads up to 1.77 kW is necessary to be able to turn them at such a speed. Intel has confirmed another fact about these 28-core chips. They are built on a variant of its 14 nm processor. They also use the huge LGA3647 socket that has 3647 pins and is used by some Xeon processors. They have six channels of memory. It is unclear with which chipset and on what platform it will be deployed and what will be its normal clock speed. One can only speculate and the most likely is that these chips would be of the Skylake-SP family which is a variant of the Skylake core designed for processors of more than eight cores.
Hearts are arranged in the form of a grid instead of a circle. This provides better scaling as the number of cores increases. There are three Skylake-SP matrices: LCC, HCC and XCC for a small, large and very large number of hearts with 10, 18 and 28 cores, respectively. Currently, there are Xeon-SP processors that use all three Skylake-SP variants. Skylake-X processors (used for X-Series platforms) currently only use LCC and HCC arrays. The new chip could be from the Skylake-X family and use the XCC matrix. It's also possible that it's not Skylake-X, but rather Cascade Lac-X.

Source : anandtech

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