AirBnb users may also be able to publish their Travel Stories on the service.
And now, it's almost become a running gag, Snapchat is still stealing his concept of Stories. This time around the AiBnb, the famous as much as decried rental service of tourist accommodation between individuals, to learn from the concept of Stories. According to TechCrunch, AirBnb is currently testing the integration of Stories on its iOS mobile app.

For the moment, the beta test has only been open to a handful of users. Eventually, this feature called Travel Stories will allow users to publish their photos and videos that will be visible on the mobile application but also on a dedicated section of the website. It seems that the Stories automatically link to the places and accommodations that appear or where the user is staying, as confirmed by TechCrunch the author of a blog dedicated to AirBnb (link in English).
If it's easy to understand that the marketing aspect is interesting for Airbnb, since it would allow users looking for a destination to see more images and make up their minds, it is however more surprising that AirBnb launches into a feature rather reserved for social networks. Especially since no information is circulating yet on how these Stories will be moderated, nor whether it will be possible to publish Stories from or to other networks. And if you want to see what it looks like, just go to the AirBnb Stories site.

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