Formerly reserved for relay antennas, the electromagnetic field exposure measuring device opens to fixed communicating objects. Anyone can request it without charge.
You may not know it, but every Frenchman can request measurements of electromagnetic waves at no cost since 2014 to know the degree of emission to which exposes a relay antenna. ANFR (National Agency for Frequencies) has decided to extend the mechanism to "fixed communicating objects". Understand the Linky, Gazpar or Ondéo meters.

The device remains the same as for relay antennas, it is open to all individuals and all organizations. Its funding is based on a tax charged to mobile operators. The procedure is to fill out an online form, available on the website but it must be signed by an authorized body (State, local authorities such as town halls, regional health agencies, some associations). The ANFR then sends an accredited and independent laboratory that measures in Volts per meter, as we explained in our article The ideas received on electromagnetic fields. The results will then be made public.
Why not one day measure connected speakers?
The extension to "fixed communicating objects" is a response to the controversies concerning smart meters. We asked ANFR if connected speakers or bulbs could be affected as well. The institution leaves the door open on this issue. But we specify that it will be imperative that the products that will be the subject of a request transmit information, which excludes from the outset material type induction hob.
If ANFR wanted to reduce the device to fixed communicating objects, it is to evacuate smartphones or connected watches that stand close to the body. To measure them, a DAS (Specific Absorption Rate) measurement should be done within a laboratory. And not just come with a probe on the spot.

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