With the Fire TV Cube, Amazon unites its two flagship products: the Fire TV multimedia box and the Amazon Echo speaker.
While Echo speakers finally arrive in France, Amazon has just unveiled a new product in the United States to try to regain its leading position that Google has recently snatched: the Fire TV Cube. As its name suggests, the Fire TV Cube takes the principle of the range of boxes and media sticks Fire TV, which cardboard in the US. While adding all the features of an Echo speaker and the Alexa Assistant.
Finally, mixing his two flagship products is a logical next step for Amazon. Thus, if we can use the Fire TV Cube only voice so for example ask the weather or listen to the radio, simply ask Alexa to put a TV channel or movie to enjoy the 4K multimedia box. Connected in HDMI to the TV, the box is able to turn it on without any outside intervention.

But Amazon wanted to add another aspect to its device by doing a kind of universal control. In addition to the 8 microphones and the speaker, the Fire TV Cube has many infrared sensors scattered on its different sides. Specifically, these sensors can be used to control other devices from home theater to home automation solutions. If for the moment the possibilities are still limited, Amazon hopes that in the future its Fire TV Box can be used as the nerve center of a connected home.
Available only in the United States at the moment, the Amazon Fire TV Cube is already in presale at the price of 119.99 dollars and will be distributed as of June 21st.

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