The young American manufacturer could be put on sale and his new smartphone project with.

While the French have to wait several months to access the Essential Phone, the first name, they may have to wait even longer - and even indefinitely - for the Essential Phone 2. Indeed, the next smartphone of the company created by Andy Rubin - co-creator of Android - could very well pass to the ace. Because the company could simply be resold.

This is indeed what announces the Bloomberg news site (link in English), which specifies that the direction of Essential would have commissioned the Credit Suisse Group to raise funds and find potential buyers, and at least would have shown interested. The purchase would concern the entire company, including its catalog but also the upcoming products, so the eventual Essential Phone 2.
It must be said that the Essential Phone, announced at the time as the revolution of Android smartphones, is far from having the success that Andy Rubin predicted, especially because of problems with the touch screen and a very average camera. Originally sold for almost $ 700, the price of the device was subsequently lowered to $ 200. Despite this, Essential would have sold only 150,000 devices according to Bloomberg. What make a hole in the budget of a young company.
On Twitter, Andy Rubin drowned the fish a bit by announcing that his company preferred to focus on other products. But anyway, the future of Essential seems very uncertain.

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