YouTube launches its webmail
An instant messenger arrives on the web version of YouTube.
YouTube has decided to launch on the web its own instant messenger. Like WhatsApp, Messenger or Snapchat (among others), the streaming video platform allows users to chat live without leaving the site.

Since December 2017, YouTube's instant messenger was available on the mobile app. Now she is extended to the web version of the video streaming platform. With her, you share videos or music videos, and start conversations with other users connected to their YouTube account. All this is done without having to open a new tab. To access YouTube instant messaging, simply click on the icon at the top right next to the notifications button.
Compared to competitors, we can note the simplified video sharing. A pop-up opens directly with a selection of people and a message box. The feature is convenient without leaving the YouTube environment. But concretely, YouTube's messaging is very similar to what other applications already offer ... To be successful, the platform probably counts on the mass of its users who make it the biggest TV channel in the world. Just like the new YouTube Music service launched recently and competing Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer without really bringing revolutionary novelty.

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