Following in Google's footsteps, the next version of iOS will give you the time you spend on your smartphone.
It seems that there is a new topic in fashion among the major players in the tech, that of our "digital well-being". Just recently, the giant Google wanted to show that he was concerned about our health by introducing a new feature of Android to visualize the precious time that was lost on each application, a small part of his new major program of Digital Wellbeing. Well, it also seems that Apple has a similar project in iOS 12.

According to information obtained by Bloomberg (link in English), Apple would include in the next version of iOS a function called Digital Health (English Digital Health). As on Android, this feature will measure the time spent globally on his iPhone or iPad, but also the past in some applications. All the details will be integrated into a dedicated section of the Settings menu. iOS already allows you to see some information consumption and use of applications, but they are related to the use of the battery. Gathered in one place, all this information should be much more useful.
Of course, this will not be the only novelty of iOS 12, Apple should normally integrate a more powerful augmented reality kit. And Apple should especially focus on the stability and speed of its mobile OS. Like every year, iOS should arrive in September, a little after Android.

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