Notice to makers and other developers: Android Things is finally available in version 1.0. For Google, it's a first key brick to associate its mobile OS with the dazzling development of connected objects.

After the Google I / O announcement, we were eagerly awaiting the official release of Android Things 1.0, to discover the possibilities offered by the development platform dedicated to connected objects and IoT. According to Google, it speeds up the creation of prototypes, increases security and reduces the cost of designing connected objects. Specifically, with Android Things 1.0, makers can create various prototypes based on single boards such as Intel Edison, Raspberry Pi 3 or NXP Pico. Other modules such as Qualcomm SDA212 or Mediatek M8516 have also been certified Android Things, which ensures that future security updates are taken into account.
During the beta phase launched in December 2016, the success was at the rendezvous, with 100,000 downloads claimed by Google and especially more than 10,000 feedback by developers. The craze for Android Things has attracted new partners and manufacturers like Lenovo, LG and JBL. For Google, it is essential to redo its lag in the area of ​​connected objects, while its competitors AWS Greengrass (Amazon) and Windows IoT (Windows) have taken a step ahead.

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