For its 67th version, Chrome allows you to connect to your favorite sites without having to enter your password.

Finally, finish the chore of remembering all his passwords! Google has released version # 67 of its Chrome browser. And this Chrome update will allow password-free logins for most websites, which means you can avoid using a password manager and you will not need to rack your brains anymore. to find what password you could use for some sites.

For this, Chrome uses a new standard called WebAuthn, launched last March (link in English) by the World Wide Web Consortium and the FIDO Alliance, a body made up of many companies whose goal is to improve, secure and standardize authentication protocols.
The WebAuthn standard allows you to connect to virtually any online service with unique credentials that you do not have to remember, for example through fingerprint scanning or face recognition. or even with hardware solutions like USB authentication keys. Firefox was the first browser to benefit.
In addition to this feature, Chrome 67 also improves the isolation of open sites in each tab, so that a site open in one tab can not access data from open sites in other tabs. A little more security always useful. Chrome 67 is already available for download.

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